Flashback Friday – RSView32 Security Popup Demo 2

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Today I'm highlighting my twelve year old RSView32 Security Popup Demo 2 Project.

RSView32-Security-Popup-Demo-2Back in 2003 I was hearing from a lot of clients who felt RSView32 was lacking when it came to notifications, especially when a user was trying to do something he didn't have permissions for.

You see, RSView32 relied heavily on the narrow activity bar on the bottom of the screen to inform users of what was going on, and this included notices indicating a user was trying to do something they didn't have permissions for.

But not only was the activity bar small and out of the way, in most runtime systems the designer would turn it completely off.

So to help one client who wanted to make it extremely obvious to the operator when he didn't have the permissions to take an action, I created this RSView32 demo which uses VBA to monitor for messages about insufficient privileges, and when one occurs it displays a popup alerting the user.

You can use the link below to see the original post from 2003, as well as to download the demo file.

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