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Using CCW with VFDs Online Course


In this course you’ll learn to use CCW to upload & download parameters to A-B PowerFlex VFDs.


Learn to confidently use CCW with Allen-Bradley VFDs to program, upload, and download parameters in our CCW VFD Quickstart course

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to learn how to use, Connected Components Workbench (CCW) with Allen-Bradley Drives. All you need is our affordable CCW VFD Quickstart course.

CCW VFD Quickstart is the perfect online course for electricians, technicians, and engineers who want to learn to use Connected Component Workbench (CCW) with Allen-Bradley Drives. Taught by a factory certified automation specialist with over thirty years of experience, in this course you will learn everything you need to know to get started using CCW with VFDs with confidence.

Unlike other vendor’s courses that become available only after you purchase their expensive hardware or trainers, our PLC courses doesn’t require you to purchase any additional parts as we show you how to download and use the free editions of the Allen-Bradley PLC Programming and Emulation software used in this course.

And for those who’d prefer to learn with a physical PLC, we also cover which Programmable Controllers and Programming cables work best and why, as well as how to set them up and program them. We even provide you with a list of components and devices used to build the affordable, homemade PLC trainer we use in this course.

Unlike other companies whose job is done once the sale is complete, we’re committed to your success and actively encourage students to post questions in the lesson discussion area. Our expert instructors visit The Automation School each weekday to support and answer student questions.

We also invite you to come back and retake any lesson as the need arises, which is made possible by the fact that none of our course come with an expiration date.

And when you finish your course and pass all the quizzes, you’ll also be rewarded with an official Completion Certificate from from The Automation School that will list the Professional Development Hours you’ve earned by completing all of the course content.

Course Topics:

Below is a summary of the topics covered in this course, and a complete lesson listing is also available in a following section:

  • Where you can download a free copy of CCW
  • How to install CCW, including how to work around the .NET issue
  • How to download and install drivers and firmware for the 1203-USB cable
  • How to setup RSLinx Classic’s Ethernet IP and Ethernet Devices Drivers
  • How to setup RSLinx Classic’s Driver for the 1203-USB cable
  • How to download PowerFlex manuals and update files
  • How to connect to the PowerFlex 520 series using USB on Windows 10 and 7
  • How to use the PowerFlex USB utility to up & download parameters from 520 series
  • How to import, edit, and export PowerFlex USB utility parameter files in CCW
  • How to use CCW to upload and download drive parameters over Ethernet
  • How to use CCW and the 1203-USB to upload and download drive parameters over DSI
  • Free Bonus 1! How to set Powerflex 525’s Ethernet Address using its Keypad
  • Free Bonus 2! How to set PowerFlex 525’s Ethernet Address using BOOTP

Who should take this course:

Anyone who needs to learn how to backup and restore A-B VFD parameters using CCW over Ethernet, USB, and using the 1203-USB cable.