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Since launching in 2013, The Automation Blog has grown to become the most popular independent industrial automation product news and how-to website on the net.

Averaging over 49K page views and 30K unique visitors per month in 2022, The Automation Blog continues to be the world’s leader with both it’s popular article and videos series, providing its audience with the latest industrial automation news , interviews, and product how-to’s authored by industry veterans and covering vendors big and small.

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The Automation Blog

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Automation Morning Show:

Our daily roundup of what’s new in industrial automation, in which we cover vendor press releases, product announcements, blogs, podcasts, upcoming events and webinars of interest.

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The Automation Podcast:

Come on our vlog & podcast series and present your product or service to our audience. With over 100K downloads in 2022, it’s the hottest automation podcast on the planet!

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The Automation Demo:

Be a guest on our demo series to show our audience how to use one of your products.

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The Automation Show:

Sponsor an episode (or series of episodes) of our popular full length “How-To” video series.

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The Automation Minute:

Sponsor an episode (or series of episodes) of our of Unboxing, First Look, and Quick Start video series.

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Automation Tech Tips:

Sponsor an episode (or series of episodes) of our Quick Tech Tip series of videos.

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Automation Tech Talk:

Sponsor an appearance on our livestream show, Tech Talk

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