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Sponsored Article (Available once per week)

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With our sponsored article option, we will schedule pre-approved articles for publication alongside our regular weekly content.

TAB-SA Sponsored Article Cost: $299

Availability: Once per week

*Note: Only industrial automation product informational or how-to articles will be considered. Contact us for full details.

Sponsored Article Requirements

Please consider these requirements prior to placing sponsored article orders with us:

– We only accept sponsored articles on Industrial Automation products and services

– All articles must be either informational or how-to style (no brochures or sales copy)

– Proposed articles and payment must be submitted three weeks prior to desired week of publication, for review. If an article is rejected, no charge will be issued

– If paying by PO, the earliest your article can run is one week after your payment terms (i.e. if you have 60 day terms, the earliest your article can run is 67 days after we receive your PO)

– All articles must be grammar and spell checked prior to being submitted by email in MSWord format with all embedded images also attached to email