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We’re always on the lookout for new topics to publish articles and videos about, so if there’s a topic or issue that you’d like us to cover in the future, please use the form below to submit it to us!

Note: We can’t guarantee we’ll cover every entry, but we do promise to consider every one submitted! 🙂

UPDATE: Several readers have used this form to submit questions they need an answer to right away.

To accommodate them, I’ve created a community at which I visit every workday morning to answer community questions and/or post updates.

I’ve set the cost to post there at the bare minimum allowed: $2.00 for 30 Days. That’s less than a cup of coffee, and suits the purpose of weeding out spammers.

That said, you can (and 95.7% do) follow and view the Locals conversation for free.

Edit: It seems every month someone tries to avoid buying me a cup of coffee in exchange for my help, and instead emails, messages, or calls my office. I politely reply to all of these inquiries with a link back to Locals and a note that I do try to help anyone willing to buy me a coffee 😀


Shawn Tierney,
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