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We're always on the lookout for new topics to publish articles and videos about, so if you've run into an issue that you'd like us to cover in the future please use the form below to submit it to us!

Note: We can't guarantee we'll cover your question, but we do promise to consider every question submitted! 🙂

UPDATE: Several readers have used this form to submit questions they need an answer to right away.

To accommodate them, I've created a community at which I visit every workday morning to answer community questions as well as post updates.

NOTE that I've set the cost to post on my Locals to the minimum of $2.00 for 30 Days access.  That's less than a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee where I live, and the purpose is to weed out spammers.

That said, you can (and 99.5% do) follow and view the Locals conversation for free.

Now without fail, every month some folks try to avoid the $2 by emailing, messaging, or calling my office. I reply to all of them with a link to Locals.

I don't want this to sound harsh, but I've never been inclined to “volunteer my time” to provide “free tech support” to “For-Profit” companies. I am, however, very happy to volunteer to help other volunteers out!

Hope this helps,

Shawn Tierney,
The Automation Blog and School