New Q2X Miniature Photoelectric Sensors:

In a recent development, Banner has expanded its Q2X series of miniature photoelectric sensors with the introduction of two innovative modes: the Laser Measurement mode and the Fixed-Field mode. These additions mark a significant enhancement in Banner’s product lineup, offering advanced sensing solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

The Q2X Laser Measurement sensor stands out with its unparalleled capability to measure distances further than any other sensor in its class housed within a compact design. This sensor utilizes a powerful infrared laser to target and measure objects, excelling in identifying challenging targets such as dark or shiny poly bags. Its best-in-class excess gain ensures reliable sensing performance under various conditions. Furthermore, the sensor is designed for seamless integration into most control systems, providing users with access to measurement values, delay timers, and advanced diagnostics through IO-Link, thereby elevating the standard for precision and ease of use in the sensor technology domain.

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