New Generation of Electric Actuators for Linear Applications:

Festo has recently introduced its newest generation of Cartesian-handling-system mechanical axes, which includes the ELGD-TB tooth belt actuators and the ELGD-BS ball screw actuators. These fresh axes are based on a novel Festo design that boosts axis performance. Festo’s all-encompassing management of the ELGD series, from its conception to its production, guarantees superior quality and a sturdy supply chain, ensuring product availability and presenting a competitive price/performance ratio. The ELGD series showcases remarkable load-bearing capacity and torsional rigidity, making it adaptable for a variety of industrial handling environments, from unclean to cleanroom conditions.

The ELGD series is suitable for a broad spectrum of handling tasks, encompassing cantilever systems, pick-and-place solutions, and top loaders. It provides short cycle times, high precision, and repeatability, making it ideal for handling small parts. Furthermore, the ELGD series augments automation in tasks such as 3D printing, additive manufacturing, dosing, and gluing, owing to its dynamic, virtually vibration-free movement, which enhances efficiency and dependability.

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