VMware Settings that work with RSLinx, ControlFlash, and BOOTP

TAM-S2-E18-FiIn today's article I'll show the you the VMware Workstation settings I used to allow BOOTP, RSLinx, and ControlFlash to work.

Part 1) VMware Workstation Network Connection Setting

Step 1) Open the VMware Settings for your Virtual Machine

While there are many ways to open the VMware Workstation settings for a Virtual Machine (VM,) the way I access them is to right click on the tab for my VM and then select “Settings” from the menu as shown below:


Step 2) Select Network Adaptor

Next, select “Network Adaptor” from the list in the “Hardware” tab:


Step 3) Change to Bridged

Now set your VM's “Network connection” to “Bridged” so your VM will be connected directly to the physical network allowing you to receive the BOOTP requests from your Ethernet device once part two is completed:


Part 2) Assign your VM a Static IP address

In many cases you will not have a DHCP server connected to the same network your PC and Ethernet device is connected to.

In these cases you'll likely want to assign your VM a static IP address, and I'll show you how to do that below.

Step 1) Open Control Panel

To open “Control Panel” in Windows 7 just click on the “Start” button and select “Control Panel”


Step 2) Open Network and Sharing Center

Next, click on “Network and Sharing Center” as shown below:


Step 3) Select “Change adapter settings”

On the top left of the new window that opens, click on “Change adapter settings”


Step 4) Select “Local Area Connection”

Now double click on “Local Area Connection”


Step 5) Click on properties

Next, click on “Properties”


Step 6) Open TCP/IPv4

Now double click on “Internet Protocol Version 4” to edit its settings:


Step 7) Set to static address

Finally, choose “Use the following IP address:” and fill in an IP Address and Subnet mask on the same network as your Ethernet device, or of the address you will be assigning your device.

When finished, click on “OK” to accept.


NOTE: Watch me run through the above steps in today's video episode of The Automation Minute!

I hope the above article detailing the network settings I use in VMware Workstation was helpful.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them with us by filling in the “Leave a reply” form at the bottom of this page.


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