In this week’s episode of The Automation Show, I connect a Siemens KTP-700 Basic Panel to a S7-1200 for the first time:

For more information, check out the “Show Notes” located below the video.

The Automation Show, Episode 23 Show Notes:

Special thanks to Siemens for sending us the S7-1200 with KTP-700 starter pack!

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  1. If you click once on your PLC tags in the details view to the left it will show your tags. You can then just grab them and drag them into your event and it will automatically create an HMI tag. I am still getting use to how Siemens does their buttons on the HMI.

  2. You can do the same with numerical PLC tags. If you have a DINT named Batch Count in your PLC tags or another DB, for example, you can click once on your tags or DB and look in the details view, grab your tag and drag it right onto the HMI screen. It automatically creates the HMI tag and is an easy way to create numeric outputs/inputs. Then you can choose if you want it an input, output, or both under its properties.


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