Panelview Plus with Remote I/O support

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PanelView Plus 700-1500With the release of the PanelView Plus 6 700-1500, Rockwell chose to no longer support the legacy Remote I/O (RIO) network.

However, for users who still need to replace old RIO PanelViews, Rockwell has made several new catalog numbers for the original Panelview Plus with firmware 5.1 and RIO support available.

These models (listed below) all have the Remote I/O communications module pre-installed. They also all have color displays, are DC powered, and are planned to be available through 2015:

7″ Screens

  • Catalog Number  / Model /  Input
  • 2711P-T7C1D2 PanelView Plus 700  Touchscreen
  • 2711P-T7C1D6 PanelView Plus CE 700  Touchscreen
  • 2711P-B7C1D2  PanelView Plus 700 Keypad/Touchscreen
  • 2711P-B7C1D6  PanelView Plus CE 700 Keypad/Touchscreen

10″ Screens

  • Catalog Number  / Model /  Input
  • 2711P-T10C1D2  PanelView Plus 1000  Touchscreen
  • 2711P-T10C1D6  PanelView Plus CE 1000  Touchscreen
  • 2711P-B10C1D2  PanelView Plus 1000  Keypad/Touchscreen
  • 2711P-B10C1D6  PanelView Plus CE 1000  Keypad/Touchscreen

12″ Screens

  • Catalog Number  / Model /  Input
  • 2711P-T12C1D2  PanelView Plus 1250  Touchscreen
  • 2711P-T12C1D6  PanelView Plus CE 1250  Touchscreen
  • 2711P-B12C1D2  PanelView Plus 1250  Keypad/Touchscreen
  • 2711P-B12C1D6  PanelView PlusCE 1250  Keypad/Touchscreen

15″ Screens

  • Catalog Number  / Model /  Input
  • 2711P-T15C1D2  PanelView Plus 1500  Touchscreen
  • 2711P-T15C1D6  PanelView Plus CE 1500  Touchscreen
  • 2711P-B15C1D2  PanelView Plus 1500  Keypad/Touchscreen
  • 2711P-B15C1D6  PanelView Plus CE 1500  Keypad/Touchscreen

PanelView-Plus-User-ManualIf you’re looking for more information about using FactoryTalk ViewStudio and the PanelView Plus on Remote I/O, you should find the below Rockwell manuals helpful:

FactoryTalk View Machine Edition User Guide

PanelView Plus User Manual

PanelView Plus Remote I/O Communication Module

Migrating Standard PanelView Applications

Migrating Enhanced PanelView Applications


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