Seven things you need to know before using the PanelView Plus

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PanelView Plus 700I still run into clients who are just beginning to use the PanelView Plus, even though it was released a decade ago.

So for all everyone out there who is new to the PanelView Plus, here are seven things you need to know:

1) PanelView Plus hardware features:

PanelView Plus 700-1500
PanelView Plus 700 – 1500

The original PanelView Plus came in four different versions, all of which support upto firmware version 5.1.

Note: PanelView Plus models loaded with newer firmware do support older runtime projects, all the way back to v3.0. This means there is no need to downgrade the panel's firmware to gain legacy support. In fact, some newer panel can not be downgraded to older firmware.

All terminals include (at a minimum) a CompactFlash Card slot, a USB Port, and a DB9 Serial Port. Most terminals also came in Touchscreen only, Keypad only, and Touchscreen/Keypad combination units.

  • PanelView Plus 700, 1000, 1250, 1500 (7″ to 15″ displays)
    • The original and standard PanelView Plus with replaceable bezels and modular construction.
  • VersaView CE / PanelView Plus CE 700, 1000, 1250, 1500 (7″ to 15″ displays)
    • Identical to the PanelView Plus, but with more memory and the Windows CE OS exposed
  • PanelView Plus 400 and 600 (4″ and 6″ displays)
    • A smaller, all plastic version of the PanelView Plus
  • PanelView Plus Compact
    • Lower cost, DC only versions of the 4″, 6″, and 10″ PanelView Plus.
    • Reduced software functionality includes one PLC, 25 display, and 200 alarm limits.
    • None of these units support add-on communications modules.

2) PanelView Plus 6 hardware features:

PanelView Plus 400 and 600
PanelView Plus 6, 400 & 600

The new PanelView Plus 6 comes in four different versions as well, and most support firmware versions 6.0 – 7.0.

However, one big difference is none of these units support IO networks. Specifically, PanelView Plus 6 terminals do not support RIO, DeviceNet, and scheduled ControlNet.

PanelView Plus 6 models do support all runtime file versions back to 3.2. That is, as long as the runtime is using a supported communication path (see note above.)

These units include (at a minimum) an SD Card slot, a USB Port, and a DB9 Serial Port. Most terminals also come in Touchscreen only, Keypad only, and Touchscreen/Keypad combination units.

  • PanelView Plus 6 (standard) 700, 1000, 1250, 1500 (7″ to 15″)
    • Like the original, but with more horsepower, memory, and Window CE.
  • PanelView Plus 6 Enhanced 700, 1000, 1250, 1500 (7″ to 15″)
    • Identical to the PanelView Plus 6 (standard) but with Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Office viewers
  • PanelView Plus 6 400 and 600 (4″ and 6″)
    • Similar to the original but with some of the added PanelView Plus 6 features
    • Unlike the original, none of these units support add-on communications modules.
  • PanelView Plus 6 Compact
    • Same restrictions as the PVPlus Compact, but with some of the new features of the PanelView Plus 6.
    • Currently only available in 4″ and 6″ models.

3) Every PanelView Plus comes preloaded with FactoryTalk View Machine Edition Runtime software and license.

Every PanelView Plus has a licensed copy of the ViewME runtime software pre-installed. This software runs “.mer” runtime project files created on a PC using the FactoryTalk ViewStudio development software (formerly RSViewStudio.)

RSLinx Enterprise in ViewStudio Project4) Communications from ViewStudio to the PanelView Plus and Allen-Bradley programmable controllers requires RSLinx Enterprise

Communications from FactoryTalk ViewStudio to the PanelView Plus, and from the PanelViewPlus or ViewStudio to an Allen-Bradley programmable controller, requires RSLinx Enterprise. FactoryTalk ViewStudio comes with RSLinx Enterprise and it's highly recommended you install it along with ViewStudio.

5) RSLinx Communications setup consists of two configurations: Local and Target

For the ViewStudio project components (graphic displays, alarms, trends, etc) to communicate with an A-B programmable controller, you'll need to configure the RSLinx Enterprise communications setup. This setup consists of two sections:

  • The Local/Development tab is for the communications from ViewStudio to an A-B programmable controller, as well as from the Transfer Utility to the PanelView Plus.
  • The Target/Runtime tab is for communications from the PanelView Plus to an A-B programmable controller.

RSLinx Enterprise Communications Setup Window

6) After adding or changing tags, be sure to “refresh all folders.”

After you change or add to your HMI tags, programmable controller tags, or RSLinx Enterprise communications setup, be sure to right click in the tag browser and “Refresh all folders” in order to browse for new tags in ViewStudio.

ViewStudio Tag Browser Refresh All Folders

7) Be sure to check “run on startup” and “replace communications” when using the Transfer Utility to download to the PanelView Plus.

You can transfer your ViewStudio ME .mer runtime file through RSLinx Enterprise to your PanelViewPlus using the included Transfer Utility. However, be sure to check the “run on start-up” and “replace communications” checkboxes. This insures your project starts when the PanelView Plus starts, and that your project's communication settings replace the previous terminal settings.

Transfer Utility Banner

I hope you've found these seven tips for using the PanelView Plus helpful.

If you'd like to add your own tips to this list just reply to this post using the “post a comment or question” link below.


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Forum Comments:
  1. Good day
    I have PanelView Plus 1000 witch is not in use anymore for what was intended, it yust colecting dust. I am interested, which OS it is running on, is it posible to install some fun apps on it, use it for enything else than logic module. Please help.
    Good morning frane,
    The standard PVPlus runs a "locked down" version of Windows CE and there is no easy way I know of to add third party apps.
    Shawn Tierney
    The Automation Blog

74 Blog Comments

  1. I have a panel view plus 600 HMI it is communicating with ultraware 3000 servo drive through kepserver. existing HMI failed. so If I communicate the HMI with ultraware 3000 servo drive is not working properly. (original backup has been loaded in HMI). Is there any other procedure?
    please let me know.

    • Good morning Ramesh,

      You didn’t provide many details, however if I had to guess I would say it sounds like the Kepware communications is not working because you didn’t load the kepware driver onto the new PVPlus (via firmware flashing)

      The best place to start troubleshooting issues like this is to research the error messages you’re seeing in the diagnostic popup list on the PVPlus. Anytime the PVPlus can’t communicate to a tag or something goes wrong it will display that popup (unless it has been disabled in the application, and if it has you should re-enable it so you can see the error messages related to the problem)

      If you’re new to the PVPlus, you may find my video training course helpful –


      Shawn Tierney

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      • I have a panelview plus that i am trying to get to talk to a few devices view kepserver that is hosted on a remote desktop. when i set it up and run it on my laptop everything shows up with no issues. but when i download it to the panelview i get “the item is no longer available”. any suggestions?

        • Good morning Trey,

          I have used Kepware drivers installed on the PanelView Plus itself, but never have attempted to have the PVPlus connect to a remote Kepware server, nor have I seen that it was supported.

          Your best bet may be to call Rockwell Tech Support,


          Shawn Tierney

          • well i installed factory talk on the computer with kepserver and i still get the same issue. when i run a test on the computer itself i get data but when i download to the panelview it says the item is no longer available

            • Good morning Trey,

              Which Kepserver Driver are you trying to use?

              Did you install the Kepserver diver onto your PVPlus?

              Is the PanelView Plus on the same network as the devices you are trying to have it connect to?

              Shawn Tierney

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    • Good morning Patrick,

      I have seen programmers add custom messages to the PanelView Plus to notify operators when the PLC battery is near dead, but this sounds like the built-in message from the PanelView Plus which does mean the internal battery is nearly dead (it maintains the internal clock when the unit is powered off.)

      Hope this helps,

      Shawn Tierney

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  2. Hello shawn, great work you’re doing, big ups to you, please I wanna connect a Siemens Simatic CPU300 with panelview plus 700 via the MPI interface, turns out that there isnt too many people talking about that and there are almost no video tutorials on youtube for this purpose, could you please guide on how to acheive this and the world would be enternally grateful, generations to come if you could put up a videon tutorial for this. Thanks

    • Good morning Valentine,

      Thank you very much for your comments.

      Unfortunately I don’t have a Siemens PLC here, however I believe the key piece of information you need is that you need to install the KepServer drivers that come with ViewStudio on your PC and configure it there.

      Then you need to add it to your ViewStudio project, and finally also add the driver to your PVPlus via the Firmware Flashing utility.

      But first check out this free tech note for a list of free drivers:

      Hope this helps,

      Shawn Tierney

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  3. I am trying to convert a 2711-K6C9 to a 2711-K6C16 using Panelbuilder32 CDROM.
    I am getting an error 25.
    I have done this in the past

    • Wow, PanelBuilder 32 – brings back some memories!

      – what is the description you get with error 25?
      – if you create a new 2711-K6C9 project, can you convert it to a 2711-K6C16?


  4. I just get error 25, everything stops.
    I sell old obsolete AB Panelviews.
    I have a 2711-K6C9 on hand, the customer needs a 2711-K6C16.
    I want to convert the K6C9 to K6C16.
    Do you know anybody who might know how to do that?
    AB Engineers are excellent with the new products, not the old units.
    Call me if you can, 405.201.3362.
    Thank you.

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