So you have a new PanelView Plus, PanelView Plus 6, or PanelView Plus 7, and need to set its Ethernet Address?

Or maybe you’re moving an existing PanelView Plus to a new network?

Well in today’s article I’ll show you step-by-step how to set the Ethernet address of any PanelView Plus that has Ethernet.

Step 1) Power on your PanelView Plus and return to the main configuration menu as shown below:

Note: If you don’t know how to get back to the main configuration menu, check out my previous article on that topic:

Step 2) Now Select “Terminal Settings”:

Step 3) Next, scroll down and select “Networks and Communications”:

Step 4) Now select the Enter button:

Step 5) Next select “Network Connections”:

Step 6) Select the Enter button again:

Step 7) Now select “Network Adapters”:

Step 8) And select the Enter button:

Step 9) Finally select “Built-in Ethernet Controller”:

Step 10) And then select “IP Address”:

Step 11) Be sure to enter in an IP Address and Subnet mask for your PanelView Plus that is on the same subnet of the PLCs (or other Devices) you need your PanelView Plus to communicate to:

Step 12) Once done, select “OK”:

Step 13) Here you will receive a notice that you need to reboot or cycle power to your PanelView Plus for the new IP address to take effect:

Step 14) Next select “Close” four times to return to the main menu, and then you can select “Reset” to reboot your PanelView Plus:

For more information about which PanelView Plus models support which features, check out my previous article:

You can watch a video of the above procedure in the below video:



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