Twenty Five things you need to know about using the PanelView Plus and View Studio

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Browsing for Tags

Every-Thing-You-Need-To-Know-About-The-PVPlus-416) When your Shortcut shows up as a Tag

When browsing for Tags, if your RSLinx Enterprise shortcut shows up on the right side as a tag, your RSLinx Enterprise shortcut has not been “applied” to a valid processor. This is typically seen in early versions of the software.

Graphic Display Design

17) Always check your project resolution setting before creating graphic displays

Always check the resolution of your PanelView Plus and set this in your ViewStudio project settings to match before creating graphic displays.

Also, when using the PanelView Plus 400 and 600 you will need to increase the font sizes of the objects on the pre-made “pop-up” screens ([ALARMS],  [INFORMATION], etc)

18) Use pre-loaded fonts to maintain the same look in Runtime as Development

Not every font on your PC is installed on the PanelView Plus. So if you use or other fonts besides the defaults, you may want to install these additional fonts onto your PanelView Plus to  maintain the same look and feel as in ViewStudio (see the PVPlus manual for more info.)

19) The default graphic display update rate is too slow.

When designing screens, for a quick snappy response I recommend editing the default Display Settings screen update rate property from a 1 second update to .25 or .1.

20) Always add a “goto config” button to your project

Always put a “goto config” button on at least one graphic display screen in your project. If you forget to, you can typically re-download a new project that has one (as long as you still know the communication settings.)

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Well that’s it for today’s article and five more things you need to know before using a PanelView Plus. Come back tomorrow to find out what the final five are.

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