I’ve received many questions about the PanelView Plus High-Bright display over the last few weeks, and today I want to share with you seven things you should know about it:

1) It’s Bright!

PanelView Plus High-BrightWhile the standard PanelView Plus display is rated for 300 cd/m2 (Nits,) the PanelView Plus High-Bright Display is much brighter, rated at 1000 cd/m2 (Nits.) That’s more than three times the luminance!

Like other PanelViews, this brightness can be controlled manually in the config menu. But unlike other PanelViews, it can also use a built-in light sensor to auto-adjust based on ambient light levels.

2) It’s the only PanelView Plus display rated for outdoor installations.

The PanelView Plus line carries a Nema 4X Indoor Only rating, and while I’ve seen my share of standard PanelView Plus models installed in outdoor locations, they’ve been put their at the customers own risk.

The standard units just aren’t designed for exposure to direct sunlight, rain and icing, and over time the plastic of the bezel will break down (often turning yellow or white) due to the exposure to outdoor levels of UV.

The PanelView Plus High-Bright Display on the other hand is designed for outdoor use, and carries a Nema 4X Outdoor rating. It’s bezel is made from a different material than the standard displays, a material very similar to composite decking.

3) It will reduce brightness if its max temperature is exceeded.

Carrying a temperature rating from 32 – 131 degrees Fahrenheit, the PanelView Plus High-Bright display has a built-in temperature sensor which will automatically reduce the display brightness if the internal temperature exceeds its max rating.

4) You can enhance its visibility and extend its life with an overlay and visor.

PanelView Plus VisorYou can cut down on glare and reduce the amount of UV the bezel receives by using the PVPlus antiglare overlay, catalog number 2711P-RGT12. The factory specifically states this will greatly increase the displays field life.

And when installing the High-Bright display in an location where it will be in direct sunlight during the hottest part of the day, the PanelView Plus visor kit, catalog number 2711P-RVT12 is highly recommended.

5) It comes without a logic board

The only way you can buy a High-Bright display is all by itself, without a logic board. But you do need a logic board for it to function.

6) It only works with DC logic boards.

Not entirely sure why this restriction exists, but it’s made very clear in the documentation that the only logic boards currently supported by the High-Bright display are the DC versions listed below:

  • 2711P-RP8D – PVPlus 6 Standard Features, DC Power, 512 flash/RAM
  • 2711P-RP9D – PVPlus 6 Enhanced Features, DC Power, 512 flash/RAM
  • 2711P-RP8DK – PVPlus 6 Standard Features, DC Power, 512 flash/RAM – Conformal Coated
  • 2711P-RP9DK – PVPlus 6 Enhanced Features, DC Power, 512 flash/RAM – Conformal Coated

7) It only comes in a 1250 / 12″ Touch version.

Yes, there is only one PanelView Plus High-Bright display: a 12″ Touch only unit with the following part number:


For more details about the PanelView Plus High-Bright Display, check out these Rockwell publications:

I hope the above information about Rockwell’s PanelView Plus High-Bright Display is helpful. If you have any questions, comments, corrections, or suggestions please feel free to share them by using the “post a comment or question” link below.

Until next time, Peace ✌️ 

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