Today I setup an IFM CR1203 HMI Controller for the first time, then I add and test Ethernet IO inside of CODESYS (TAS2 E2.)

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The Automation Show, Season 2 Episode 2 Show Notes:

Special thanks to RTA for sending in a sample of their new A-B PLC MQTT Gateway, as well as for making this episode Ad Free!

IFM Product links:

CR1203 Industry 4.0 Page
IOLink Intro Page
Moneo Intro Page
Food and Bev – Brew Skid Page
IO Key Intro Page

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  1. Hello,
    Happy to finally hear you talk about Codesys. I’ve been working with Codesys for years and I can tell you, it is by far the most powerful “PLC” or rather soft PLC there is. A little harder to learn but worth the effort. I usually use Codesys on Linux IPCs with Beckhoff IOs on EtherCAT.

    By the way, anyone can test Codesys for free. The IDE is free to use and the runtime is free to use for 2 hours. Then you have to restart the runtime for 2 more hours and so on. If you have a raspberry Pi, you can buy a runtime license for only 60$ and it includes everything: PLC, Modbus Master/Slave, EtherNetIP Master/Slave, Profinet Master/Slave, EtherCAT Master, Web HMI, etc….

    I just love Codesys and if you have any question about it, I would be happy to help.

    Keep on using Codesys, you will love it!

    • Thanks for your comments Yannick,

      During the research I did for this piece I actually came across the Pi version, and I’m hoping to try it out this summer 😀

      Please feel free to share any tips on using Codesys on the Pi, and if you know someone at Codeys I could invite on my show please let me know,


      Shawn Tierney

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