RSLinx-to-CompactLogix-Change-IP-FiIn today’s article I walk you through how to set or change a CompactLogix processor’s Ethernet address through its USB port using RSLinx Classic.


Step 1) Confirm your RSLinx RSWho window browses your CompactLogix via the USB driver

Open RSLinx and check to be sure your CompactLogix is showing up under the USB driver as shown below:


NOTE: If you would like to know how to setup an RSLinx driver to communicate to a CompactLogix processor using a USB connection, see our previous article HERE.

Step 2) Select the CompactLogix processor

The next step is to select the CompactLogix processor under the USB driver as shown below:

RSLinx to CompactLogix Change IP 9 Select-L16h

Step 3) Right click on the CompactLogix and select Module Configuration

Right click on the CompactLogix processor and select “Module Configuration” from the menu as shown below:

RSLinx to CompactLogix Change IP 10 Right-Click-Mod-Prop-L16H

Step 4) Select the “Port Configuration” tab

In the popup window select the “Port Configuration” tab:

RSLinx to CompactLogix Change IP 11 Port-Config-L16H

Step 5) Enter in a new Ethernet address and insure “Static” is selected

Now you can enter in an Ethernet address for your CompactLogix’s Ethernet port. Also be sure “Static” is selected, and then click on OK:

RSLinx to CompactLogix Change IP 12 Enter-IP-and-OK-L16h

Step 6) Accept Configuration

The final step is to accept the configuration by clicking on “Yes,” after which your CompactLogix will have the Ethernet address you entered above:

RSLinx to CompactLogix Change IP 8 Confirmh

NOTE: Watch me run through the above steps in today’s video episode of The Automation Minute!

I hope the above article on how to set or change a CompactLogix’s Ethernet address through its USB port using RSLinx was helpful.

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  1. Hi Shawn,

    I am relatively new to EtherNet/IP PLCs. Right now the PLC is getting its IP address from a DHCP server, but I would like to change it to a fixed IP address. I followed your steps and upon selecting the “Port Configuration” tab I am getting the following message:

    “Unable to read the module’s Port Configuration. The default values will be shown”

    Could it be because I have already a project downloaded onto it? I am a bit lost now what I need to do?

    Thanks and regards
    Carmelo Curmi

    • Good morning Carmelo,

      I’ll need some more info to help:
      – What PLC and firmware are you using?
      – Also, how old is your RSLinx?
      – And what port are you going through to change its IP Address?
      – Can you trying going through the other port to change the IP address?


      Shawn Tierney,
      Instructor at

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