In today’s article I walk you through how to configure RSLinx to communicate to a CompactLogix processor using USB.

RSLinx to CompactLogix via USB Fi

Step 1) Locate your CompactLogix’s USB port

If you have one of Rockwell’s 5370 CompactLogix processors, you find an orange USB port on the front of the unit as shown below:

RSLinx to CompactLogix via USB 1 L16

NOTE: If you have an older CompactLogix and would like to connect to its serial port using a USB to serial converter, see our previous article HERE.

Step 2) Plug a standard A to B USB Cable into the CompactLogix

Next, plug the B side of a standard A to B USB cable into the CompactLogix (this is the same type of cable used to connect a PC to a USB Printer):

RSLinx to CompactLogix via USB 2 USBStep 3) Insure your have RSLinx Classic version 3.51 or later installed

Before you plug the other end of your USB cable into your computer, insure RSLinx Classic 3.51 or later is installed on your computer.

Step 4) Wait for Windows to install the Rockwell USBCIP driver.

A few moments after plugging your USB cable into your PC you should see the below notices about the USBCIP driver being installed:

RSLinx to CompactLogix via USB 3 Ins-1RSLinx to CompactLogix via USB 4 Ins-2Step 5) Open RSLinx Classic to find USB driver automatically added

Once Windows adds the USBCIP hardware driver, open RSLinx Classic and you should find the USB software driver has been added automatically:

RSLinx to CompactLogix via USB 5 RSL-1
NOTE: If you use RSLogix Emulate 5000, SoftLogix 5800, or another USB product from Rockwell, you may have to manually delete those drivers from RSLinx (including the “Virtual Backplane” driver,) and restart RSLinx before you’ll see the USB driver appear in the RSWho window.

Step 6) Expand the USB Driver

Now expand the USB driver and then select it to allow RSLinx to begin to browse the USB port:

RSLinx to CompactLogix via USB 6 RSL-2hStep 7) Your CompactLogix show now be displayed under the USB driver

After a few moments, you should see your CompactLogix processor appear under the USB driver in the RSWho window. At this point you can use this USB connection to your CompactLogix to flash firmware, change the Ethernet address, download a program, and go online:

RSLinx to CompactLogix via USB 7 RSL-3h
NOTE: Watch me run through the above steps in today’s episode of The Automation Minute!

For more information:

If you’d like more information about connecting to your CompactLogix using USB, check out Rockwell’s excellent “Quick Start” guide below:

I hope the above article on how to setup RSLinx to communicate to a CompactLogix over USB was helpful.

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