CompactLogix 5380 Experience Kit (Video, TAS 1)

I take a look at what comes inside of Rockwell's CompactLogix 5380 Experience Kit in today's episode of The Automation Show.

For more information, check out the Show Notes located below the video.

The Automation Show, Episode 1 Show Notes:

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If you'd like to get a quote for a CompactLogix 5380 Experience Kit, contact your local Rockwell Representative. To find who your local representative is, check out our previous article HERE.

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Teachers and/or Instructors who work for “accredited” High Schools or Colleges can get the “best pricing” on Allen-Bradley products by contacting Rockwell about their EDU Toolkit (where available.)

Note: While I'd love to sign-up The Automation School in Rockwell's EDU Program, even though we teach more students  about A-B PLCs each year than many of the largest schools, to date the inquiries we've sent Rockwell about joining the program have gone unanswered 🙁


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Forum Comments:
  1. Hey Sean could you give some detail on the limitations of this processor? You said it's meant for training purposes and not meant to run an industrial machine. Is that because it only has 600kb capacity? I'm looking for something purely for personal home training and eventually to interface with an HMI. I just don't want to outgrow it so fast. I would appreciate if you could elaborate a little more on what you CAN'T do with this and why. Thanks!
    Good morning ,
    My understanding is the Experience Kit is highly discounted and therefore may only be purchased once per customer.
    In other words, an OEM can't keep purchasing the Experience Kit and then put the contents into a machine.
    That said, for training purposes it's a great choice even given it's limited memory and Ethernet I/O count.
    You could save a little money getting an 1769-L16 and a license of Studio 5000, but I can highly recommend the newer 5380 Experience Kit.
    Hope this helps,
    Shawn Tierney,
    Instructor, The Automation School

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