If you're seeing a “.Net Framework 3.5 Is Not Installed” error when trying to install Studio 5000, follow these simple steps to get it installed:

Step 01) Start by opening Windows Control Panel:

Step 02) Next open Programs and Features:

Step 03) Then click on Turn Windows features on or off

Step 04) When the popup window loads, find and select .Net Framework 3.5:

Step 05) Next click on OK :

Step 06) If you're prompted to download the files from Windows update do so:

NOTE: If your installation download hangs, check out the offline installer we discuss HERE.

Step 07) And when the download and installation is complete, click on Close:

Step 08) Now you should have no issues installing Studio 5000 due to .Net 3.5:

If you'd like to watch a video of the above procedure, check out Episode 29 of The Automation Minute Season 4, below:

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