In today’s article I cover how to use images, including those found in the Symbol Factory library, on Buttons in FactoryTalk View Studio Machine Edition.

Step 1) Open a View Studio Machine Edition Project, then a Graphic Display, and then add a Button.

NOTE: In our example below we add a “Maintained” button to the “Low Level Tag Read Write” display found in the sample project “Objects 5 Screen Demo:”


Step 2) Now double click on your new button to bring up its properties, then change the “Border Style” to “None” and “Back Style” to “Transparent”


Step 3) Next click on the “States” tab, then select a state and click on the Image ellipses (…) to browse for an image:


Step 4) Here you can browse for an existing BMP, JPG, or PNG image using the “Add from File” button:


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Step 5) However in this example we aren’t going to use a file but instead chose an image from the “Symbol Factory” library by first clicking on the “Launch Library” button, and then selecting an image in the library, and then clicking on the “Copy” button:


 Step 6) Next, click on “Paste from Library,” then “OK” to accept the image’s name,then click on “OK” to close the Image Browser, and finally click on “Apply” to preview the image on the button:


Step 7) Above you can see the button will need to be resize in order for the entire image to be visible. Alternatively, you can check the “Image Scaled” checkbox shown below to scale the image to fit the button’s current size:


 Step 8) Once done with your first state, select the next state that will have an image and then add an image to it by repeating Steps 3 – 7. When you’re done adding images to your button’s states, click on “OK” to close the button object’s properties, and then save your graphic display.

Watch me demonstrate the above procedure live in Episode 2 of The Automation Minute Season 3:


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