Using an Apple iPad or iPhone to monitor and control your Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus

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Apple iPad Box ShotLast week I had the opportunity to show a client how to use his Apple iPad and iPhone to remotely control his PanelView Plus 6. Afterwards, I thought it would make an excellent blog post.

The first step is to setup your PanelView Plus as a VNC server, and we covered how to do this in this blog post earlier in the week. So today we’ll walk you through connecting to your PanelView Plus running as a VNC server using your Apple iPad or iPhone as a VNC client.

Setting up your Apple iPad or iPhone to remotely monitor and control your PanelView Plus:

On your Apple device you’re going to need a “VNC Client.” Fortunately for us, Rockwell tested and recommends a free app we can download from the Apple app store. Below are the steps to download and setup this app:

1) On your Apple iPad (or iPhone,) open the Apple App Store and search for “Mocha VNC Lite:”

1 Apple iPad App Store - Mocha VNC Lite

2) Download and install this app:

2 Mocha VNC Lite program icon

3) Open the “Mocha VNC Lite” app and select “New” to edit a new configuration.

3 Mocha VNC Lite config new connection

4) Enter the IP address of a PanelView Plus that is running VNC server software (as described in  this blog post.) Also add your VNC password and a name for your configuration, as shown below:

4 Mocha VNC Lite config new connection settings

Note: It’s best if your Apple device is on the same subnet as your PVPlus. If not, you’ll need to be sure your router is correctly routing between the two subnets.

5) Press the “Back” button on the top left of the app to return to the menu, and then select connect.

5 Mocha VNC Lite Connect to PVPlus

6) Select your new setup and connect. After a few moments you should see your PVPlus screen appear on your Apple device. Pictured below is my Apple iPad 2 using the Mocha VNC Lite app to connect to a PanelView Plus 6 running VNC server software:

1 Apple iPad 2 connected via Mocha VNC Lite to PanelView Plus 6

7) I ran through the above steps a second time on my iPhone 5s, and the result can be seen below:

2 Apple iPhone 5s connected via Mocha VNC Lite to PanelView Plus 6

8) Here I’m showing both my iPad 2 and iPhone 5s connected simultaneously (along with my PC) to a single PanelView Plus 6 running VNC server software:

3 Apple iPad 2, iPhone 5s and Windows 7 PC simultaneously connected to a single PanelView Plus 6 using VNC

I hope the above procedure on how to connect your Apple iPad or iPhone to your PanelView Plus using VNC was helpful. If you have any questions or comments please use the “Leave a Reply” form at the bottom of this page.


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