This year video content from The Automation Blog saw a doubling of views and subscribers!

Today we’ll take a look back at what episodes of The Automation Minute were the most popular for 2021:

The Automation Minute: Top Ten Episodes of 2021

10) MicroLogix 1200 Comms Setup & Download

9) FactoryTalk View HMI Tag Address Browsing

8) Studio 5000: Connect to an existing Controller

7) SLC-500 Serial Comms Setup & Download

6) MicroLogix 1400 Comms Setup & Download

5) How to reset your PanelView Plus 7 to Factory Defaults

4) How to get A-B PLC data into MS Excel using RSLinx

3) Setting CompactLogix Ethernet Address using BOOTP

2) How to access the PanelView Plus Configuration Menu

1) How to install EDS Files

Thanks again for making 2021 our best year to date!

Now as we plan for the new year, I’d love to get your thoughts on the vendors and products we should cover in 2022.

To leave your feedback, just fill in the comment section below my signature (or use the News link at the top of the page to send it into us privately.)

Wising you all very happy, safe, and healthy Holiday Week and New Year!

Until next time, Peace ✌️ 

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