In today's article I'll walk you through resetting your PanelView Plus 7 to Factory Defaults:

Step 1) Plug a USB Keyboard into your PanelView Plus 7:

Step 2) Cycle Power to your PanelView Plus 7 while holding down the F1 Key:

Step 3) When the Maintenance Menu comes up, press the down arrow key once to select “Special BOOT Option – None”

Step 4) Now press the right key until you see “Special BOOT Option – Factory Defaults”

Step 5) Now press the up arrow key to select “Reboot With Selected Options” and press enter:

Step 6) At this point your PanelView Plus 7 will reboot and reload the default firmware it came with, which in this case was 7.0:

Step 7) This also reset the units desktop access password back to the default password of “password”

To watch a video demonstration of the above, check out Episode 38 of The Automation Minute Season 4 below:

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