Welcome to the second article in our round-up of the most popular blogs of the first half of 2015.

Today we'll list the seven most popular PanelView blogs so far this year.

Please keep in mind older blogs have a very distinct advantage since they've been around much longer than newer ones.

And as it turns out, some of our top blogs from 2014 make a repeat appearance in this summers list of our most popular “PanelView” articles for the first half of 2015:

7 Things about PanelView PlusSeven things you need to know before using the PanelView Plus

I still run into clients who are just beginning to use the PanelView Plus, even though it was released a decade ago. So for all everyone out there who is new to the PanelView Plus, here are seven things you need to know… [Read More]

Lagacy-TAG-DB-XP-FIHow to Migrate FactoryTalk View Projects to Windows 7 64 bit

So you just got a new laptop with Windows 7 64 pre-installed? Welcome to the wonderful world of 64 bit computing!

By the way, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you can’t open any of your old FactoryTalk View APA files in your new 64 bit OS. Well, not without exporting the project database on 32 bit OS first… [Read More]

PC VNC Viewer connected to PVPlus6 Featured ImageRemotely controlling your Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus using VNC

In today’s article we’ll discuss how you can remotely monitor and control your Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus using VNC (Virtual Network Computing.)… [Read More]

Application-Manager-on-W7-ME-Selected-Restore-RuntimeHow to edit a PanelView Plus (ViewME) MER Runtime file

Recently a client asked how he would go about editing a PanelView Plus .MER file his customer had sent him. Unfortunately there’ no simple answer… [Read More]

DataStore Plus Featured ImageDataStore Plus “step by step” setup in FactoryTalk ViewStudio

Earlier in the week we described what the DataStore Plus ActiveX was. Today we walk you through the steps you need to take to add it to a FactoryTalk ViewStudio Machine Edition project… [Read More]

PanelView Plus 700Transferring Runtime Files (.mer) To PanelView Plus Using USB Flash Drive

The ability to transfer Rockwell Software’s FactoryTalk View Machine Edition runtime files (.mer) to the PanelView Plus and PanelView Plus 6 using standard USB Memory Stick (aka USB flash drive, USB thumb drive) is a handy feature, if you know how exactly to do it… [Read More]

PanelView Plus Configuration ModeHow To Access The PanelView Plus Configuration Mode

When powering on a PanelView Plus for the first time, its boots up to the main Configuration Mode menu screen. From here, the user has several options:… [Read More]

I hope you’ve found this “Best of 2015” article helpful!

If you have your own favorite “PanelView” post, or have a question about one of the above articles, please let us know by using the “post a comment or question” link below.


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