The Automation Blog’s “Best Of 2013” Human Machine Interface blogs

Welcome to the second article in our “Best of 2013″ series.

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Today we focus on our seven most popular Human Machine Interface (HMI) blogs.

As we noted yesterday, our older blogs have a distinct advantage when compared to our newer blogs because they have been around much longer and had the opportunity to get more views. However, it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see a few of our “late 2013″ blogs show up in next year’s “Best Of” list after they’ve had more time online.

Formalities aside, here’s the list of The Automation Blog’s most popular Human Machine Interface articles of 2013!

PanelView Plus 700Transferring Runtime Files (.mer) To PanelView Plus Using USB Flash Drive

In this article posted on July 26th , we discuss what you need to know to use a USB flash drive to transfer a ViewME runtime file to a PanelView Plus terminal. You can read all the details HERE.

Downloading the updated View Machine Edition / PanelView Plus Transfer Utility from Rockwell Allen-Bradley (A-B)

Many people are getting new PanelView Plus models but trying to use the old transfer utility to download to them (which doesn’t work.) So in this this article posted on August 29th, we show you where you can download the latest Transfer Utility for free. Find out where in the full article HERE.

FactoryTalk View Studio Machine Edition (ViewME) and PanelView Plus (PVPlus) Quick Start Videos from Rockwell Allen-Bradley (A-B)

FactoryTalk View Studio Quick Start Videos Section 3 First Project AEveryone needs a little help when using the PanelView Plus for the first time, and in this article posted on August 13th we show you where you can find Rockwell’s free quick start videos for the PanelView Plus. Get the handy links to each and every one in our full article HERE.

How To Access The PanelView Plus Configuration Mode

PanelView Plus Configuration ModeWhere did the white square go? In this article posted on July 29th, we explain why you may not see the little white box when you boot your PVPlus, and tell you how to get it back. Find out the details in our full article HERE.

PanelView Plus 6 Compact requires ME Transfer Utility version 7.0

PanelView Plus 400 and 600Does your PanelView Plus show up and then quickly disappear in your Transfer Utility? I’ts very likely you have a new PanelView Plus but an old Transfer Utility. Find out the details in our article posted on September 17th, which you can read HERE.

Using DH-485 On The New PanelView Plus 6 400 And 600

PanelView Plus 6 600 FrontSo you have a new PanelView Plus 6 400 or 600, but are being told there’s no DH-485 communication module for it? Find out how to get around this and put your new PVPlus 6 400 or 600 on DH-485 in this article posted on August 1st, and which you will find HERE.

How To Automatically Run A USB Flash Drive Script On The PanelView Plus

PanelView-Plus-700-BackForgot to put a “goto config” button in your View Machine Edition project? With a USB stick, and the script from this article posted on July 31st, you can copy all your programs off your PVPlus to force the terminal into the configuration mode. Find the scripts for old and new PanelView Plus terminals in our article HERE.

Well, I hope you’ve found this “best of 2013” article helpful.

If you have your own favorite HMI article, or have a question about one of the above articles, please feel free to click on the “post a comment or question” link below.

Hope you have a happy and safe New Year’s Eve and Day!

Until next time, Peace ✌️ 

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