In Today’s article I discuss the new “Tag Database Not Found” error you get when you try to open a project created in v10 of FactoryTalk View Studio Machine Edition.

I was recently given a version 8 .MER runtime file which I wanted to take a look at in FactoryTalk View Studio Machine Edition version 9.

I first used the Application Manager to restore the .MER to a application, and then proceeded to open the project in View Studio.

Towards the end of opening the application, I received the error, “Tag Database not Found,” as shown below:

Turns out that while the .MER was compiled for a v8 PanelView Plus, the version of ViewStudio used was v10.

And when you create a .MER file with v10, you are warned that to restore and open the project in a previous version of View Studio you’ll need to install the latest patch roll-up for that previous version:

For more information, as well as a link to the patch, click HERE.

To watch a video demonstration of the above, check out Episode 46 of The Automation Minute Season 4 below:

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  1. Dear sir, do you know how to troubleshoot this error kindly:

    “Cannot restore tag database, creating an empty tag database file”; I uploaded .mer directly from HMI, and then I select “restore runtime program”, then this error pops up first. How to solve? Thank you kindly.


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