Late last week Rockwell Automation issued a press release officially announcing the PanelView Plus 7 Performance line of HMI’s.

08-20-15 PanelView Plus 7 PerformanceStating the new product “simplifies visualization for large applications,” Rockwell stressed the fact that this HMI could “reduce need for multiple HMIs, or replace PC-based HMI for centralized information-monitoring.”

To accomplish this, Rockwell built the PanelView Plus 7 Performance model with larger screen options, more powerful processors, and additional connectivity options over the existing PanelView Plus 7 Standard model.

Prior to the Performance model, the largest screen available on a Rockwell PanelView product was the 15″ PanelView Plus launched back in 2003.

Now with the PanelView Plus 7 Performance model, customers will have a choice of 6 different display sizes topping out at 19″.

And unlike the PanelView Plus 7 Standard models which are limited to 1 programmable controller connection, 25 displays, and 200 alarms, the greater processing power in the Performance model removes these limitations.

The Performance model also adds a two port device level ring ready switch, where as up to this point the Standard model has only offered a single Ethernet port.

For more PanelView Plus 7 Performance details, check out the product’s documents below:

So what do you think? Ready for a 19″ PVPlus, or is that overkill for your applications?

You can share your thoughts with us by filling in the “post a comment or question” link below.

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  1. hello I was wondering if it would be possible to send a bar code to a panel view plus??so say we scan our part to the plc then send it to the hmi.

    • Good afternoon autosmurf,
      Sure can, your bar code reader will turn the bar code into a number either the PVPlus or PLC can read.
      What are you specifically looking to do?
      Shawn Tierney

  2. Dear Sir,
    want to know about panel builder that is compatible to use for performing process graphic, Tag Alarm Liste Etc…

    • Good morning,
      There are several different versions of the old PanelBuilder software to program the old black A-B PanelViews.
      First thing to do is identify which A-B PanelView you need to program, then you can pick the correct software.
      Or, if you need a new PanelView, you’ll first need to identify what PLC networks and PLCs it will be communicating to before you can choose the right PanelView hardware, after which you can then choose the appropriate programming software.
      Hope this helps,
      Shawn Tierney,
      Instructor at


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