PanelView 550 TouchRecently, a client called asking if it would be possible to replace a PanelView 550 with a new PanelView Plus. The answer is yes, but the ease of doing so will depend greatly on the model.

Note: In this article we'll focus on the physical replacement, leaving the software migration to a future article.

Cutout compatibility

PanelView 550 KeypadThe first question that comes to my mind when replacing a legacy HMI is cutout compatibility. To address this we first, need to know what display types and sizes the PanelView 550 came in, and I'll list those below:

  • Touchscreen: 125mm (h) x 158mm (w) x 64mm (d)
  • Keypad, or Keypad and Touchscreen: 144mm (h) x 243mm (w) x 86mm (d) , plus mounting holes for studs.

Now let's look at the PanelView Plus 600 dimensions:

  • Touchscreen: 123mm (h) x 156mm (w) x 98mm (d)
  • Keypad, or Keypad and Touchscreen: 142mm (h) x 241mm (w) x 98mm (d)

PanelView Plus 600 FrontComparing the two models we can see the PanelView Plus 600 is just a couple of millimeters smaller than the PanelView 550, which on the surface should make it a nice drop in replacement (assuming you have the increased depth of 98mm.)

This is the case with the touchscreen terminal, but the mounting holes for the PanelView 550 Keypad and Keypad/Touch studs prevent the PanelView Plus 600  Keypad and Keypad/Touch gasket from completely sealing.

PanelView Plus 400 KeypadTo get around this, Rockwell makes an “adaptor plate,” the 2711P-RAK4, which completely seals the old cutout and allows the installation of either a (1) Keypad PanelView Plus 400, or (2) Touchscreen PanelView Plus 600. Unfortunately, there is no cutout adaptor plate to mount a PanelView Plus 6 Keypad or Keypad/Touch model in the PanelView 550 Keypad and Keypad/Touch cutout.

For more details about PanelView dimensions and adaptor plates please reference the below manuals:

PanelView Plus 6 600 BottomCommunications compatibility

The second feature we need to check compatibility for is the communications type.

For PanelView 550 models which communicated via Ethernet (2711-x5A20,) Serial DF1 (2711-x5A16,) or Serial DH-485 (2711-x5A5,) direct equivalents exist in the PanelView Plus 6 family.

If the PanelView 550 part number contained an “A2” (DH-485) you could either use a PanelView Plus 6 with 1761-NET-AIC as described in our earlier article here, or use the equivalent legacy PanelView Plus model (limited time availability.)

UPDATE: I've added a three part video series HERE showing how to setup a PanelView Plus on DH-485 using it's serial port.

For all other networks, including Remote I/O, Data Highway Plus, Devicenet, and ControlNet, to directly replace the PanelView 550 with a new device on the same network your only option is going to be to use the equivalent legacy PanelView Plus model (limited time availability.)

For more information about the legacy PanelView Plus models, please reference the following manual:

I hope this review of the size and network considerations to replace a PanelView 550 with a PanelView Plus 600 was helpful. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below using the “post a comment or question” link below.


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