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When powering on a PanelView Plus for the first time, it will boot up to the main “Configuration Mode” menu screen.

From there, the user has several options:

  • PanelView Plus Configuration ModeLoad an application from internal memory, memory card, or from most USB Flash Drives.
  • Run the loaded application
  • Edit the loaded application's settings
  • Edit the Terminal Settings
  • Change the setting for “Delete Log Files Before Running”

In many cases the programmer with change the terminal settings to match the system requirements, which almost always includes entering new network settings.

However, after initial start these settings will often need to be modified, so gaining access to this menu in the future is very important.

ViewStudio Objects Advanced Goto Configure ModeNow once a FactoryTalk View Machine Edition runtime is loaded and running, the easiest and most convenient way to return to the “Configuration Mode” menu is to place a “Goto Config” button on one of the project's graphic display screens.

In many cases, the programmer will chose to put this button on a secured screen so operators don't accidentally press it and exit the application.

But occasionally a programmer will forget to put a “Goto Config” button on any screen, or will hide it so well that no one else can find it.

The easy and obvious fix for this is to download an updated project which does have a “Goto Config” button.

However, if some time has passed since the unit was programmed, or if a different programmer is now working on the terminal, the existing network settings may not be known.

If that's the case, there's just no way to download to the terminal over the network.

PanelView-Plus-700-BackWhen this happens, and the programmer finds himself locked out of the PVPlus configuration menu, he won't be able to (1) change which project is running, (2) communicate with the terminal, and (3) won't be able to change any of the terminal settings.

And with a single PanelView Plus terminal costing thousands of dollars, this isn't a viable position to be in.

In the early days of the product if I found myself in this situation I would resort to disassembling the terminal.

First I would remove power, and then I would remove the “Logic Board” from the “Display Module.”

NPanelView Plus Open Internal Memory Cardext I would remove the retaining screw holding the internal Compact Flash card in, the I would remove the Compact Flash card itself.

I would then put the card into a PC with a Compact Flash card reader, and search it for .MER files which I would MOVE off the card and onto my PC.

When I reassembled the PVPlus and powered it back on, since it didn't find the startup file it was programmed to run it would simply display an error message and then return the user to the “Configuration Mode.”

PanelView Plus 3.20.09 Patch Release NotesFortunately, in version 3.20.09 Rockwell added a “boot up sequence” interrupt that allows users to bypass the launching of the default project.

When units with the newer firmware are turned on, the user can either press a small “White Box” on the bottom left of a touch screen terminal, or presses the “F1 Key” on a keypad terminal, to force the PVPlus to boot to the “Configuration Mode.”

With how to access the “Configuration Mode” explained above, tomorrow we'll talk about what to do if the “White Box” doesn't show up on boot, or if the “F1 Key” on a keypad unit doesn't launch the “Configuration Mode.”

Until then, if you've ever been locked out of your PanelView Plus, or had to use one of the above strategies to get back into the “Configuration Mode,” we'd love to hear from you.

Just click on the “post a comment or question” link below to let us know your thoughts on this subject.


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Forum Comments:
  1. Hello, I am Peter,
    I am a new user forum.
    I work with the PanelView Plus 6 1500 fv .
    I need input to desktop Windows CE.
    I know what is the standard procedure but the password "password" - is not correct.
    Can you help me solve the problem?
    How is the procedure to reset your password?
    Thank you very much.
    Hi, could you help me to know the procedure that how i can correct the time from HMI(Panel View Plus 400) without using PC or software.

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  1. Trying to replace a Panelview 600 coupled to a Micrologix 1000 PLC. I try to configure the Panelview to recognize the PLC but no devices are visible when I go to the RSLinx Enterprise Comm screen, nothing is visible under Ethernet. Devices are connected via ethernet hub. IP addresses are correct. What am I missing?

    Bob Swartwood

    • Good afternoon Bob,

      Sounds like you have a PV600 and MicroLogix 1000, but I’m not sure from your comment what you are replacing, and where does Ethernet come in?

      I only ask because the ML1000 doesn’t have Ethernet, and this is an article about the newer PVP.


      Shawn Tierney,
      Instructor at http://www.TheAutomationSchool.com

  2. Hi Mr Shawn ,

    i have uploaded from the internal storage of my panel view 4 *.MER Files , is there any solution to know which Runtime App is running on my Panel View plus 1000 without rebooting ?
    can’t reboot because the Panel View is Running on a continious Process and can’t be stopped ,

    • Good morning Nabil,

      If you can’t access the configuration menu, then I think you will need to search the folders on the Panel itself to find the temporary folder where the currently running project has been unzipped (something like ~MER.00.)

      But if you don’t have remote file access to the PVP 6/7, and can’t access the Config Menu, and there is no indication on the running system, you may have to open each of the four APA’s you uploaded to see if only one matches what’s running.

      Shawn Tierney,
      Instructor at http://www.TheAutomationSchool.com

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