Insights Inbox: I can’t display a popup twice in FactoryTalk View ME

In today's edition of “Insight's Inbox” we answer a reader's question on how to display the same FactoryTalk View ME popup graphic display multiple times.

Reader Question:

I’m using FactoryTalk View Machine Edition and cannot open the same popup graphic display multiple times?

Insight's Answer:

FactoryTalk-View-ME-Popup-Twice-1In my testing of FactoryTalk View 8.0, the only time I could not get the same popup to display twice was if I passed either the same Parameter File or Parameter List I used with the first instance to the second instance.

However, as long as I passed different parameter files or lists to each popup, I didn’t have an issue displaying the same popup more than once.

FactoryTalk-View-ME-Popup-Twice-2One additional step I took to insure my popup graphic display didn’t open over the top of a previous instance was to enabled the “Display Position” option on the “General” tab of the Goto button.

So for each Goto button that displayed my popup with a different parameter file or list, I used a different “Left Position” in pixels.

NOTE: You can get a copy of the sample program HERE.

This allowed each instance of my popup to display at a different location on the screen.

I hope you've found today's Insight's Inbox about “displaying a FTViewME popup multiple times” helpful.

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