In this episode of The Automation Podcast, I sit down with Yuen Li from IFM Efector to learn what IOLink is, and why you should consider using it on your next project:

For more information, check out the “Show Notes” located below the video.

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The Automation Podcast, Episode 58 Show Notes:

Special thanks to Yuen Li from IFM Efector for taking the time to review IOLink with us!

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  1. Some additions:
    – It is possible to use repeaters if the distance is more then 20m. Look at IFM E30444. The 20m limit was for me the biggest backdraw to use IO-link.
    – Rockwell also has IO link mastcards and sensors: the 1734-4IOL and 1732E-8IOLM12R. Search for “iolink-br001_-en-p.pdf” for more info.
    – People using IFM products probably altready have IO-link sensor without knowing it. A lot of IFM products come factory standard with IO-link.


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