How to get Rockwell’s PlantPAx Library of Process Objects

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One of the new lessons I've recorded for my ControlLogix training course, PAC Basics, is how to download and use some of the AOIs included with Rockwell's PlantPAx Library of Process Objects.

And since Rockwell made major changes to their website recently, I thought it also sense to update this article explaining how you go about getting Rockwell's PlantPAx Library of Process Objects for free:

Steps To Download Rockwell's PlantPAx Library Of Process Objects

Step 1) Open your web browser and navigate to


Step 2) When the site loads, click on the “Compatibility & Downloads” link in the center of the page:


Step 3) Next, from the”Compatibility & Downloads” main page search on “PlantPAx” as shown below, and then select “PlantPAx” from the list:


Step 4) Scroll down the results page until you see “Process Library,” and then select “Downloads” as shown below:


Step 5) Now select the download icon or “Select Files” text for the version of Process Objects you wish to download. Below version 3.50.04 is being selected:


Step 6) Next, from the pop-up window select the Process Library files you wish to download. Below the RA Library of Process Objects and Documentation is being selected:


Step 7) Once you've made your selections click on the “Downloads” button:


Step 8) If you are not already logged into Rockwell's website with a”Website Member” account you'll be prompted to login or register for a free account:


Step 9) Next you'll be prompted to accept Rockwell's license agreement:


Step 10) Now choose either Managed or Direct Download. In this article we'll choose “Direct Download”


Step 11) Finally, click on each of the links to download the files you selected earlier:


And that's how you download Rockwell's PlantPAx Library of Process Objects.

If you've found this article helpful and would like to watch the video version, check out the below episode of The Automation Minute:

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