If, like me, you couldn't afford the time away from work to hobnob with friends and colleagues at this year's Automation Fair, don't fret!

Thanks to the good folks over at Rockwell Automation, you can once again freely download most Automation Fair 2018 session presentations.

To do so, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1) Navigate your browser to http://automationfair.com, which will redirect you to the Automation Fair homepage shown below:

Step 2) Now for the fun part: The annual “Where's Waldo” of Automation Fair Downloads!

Don't see it yet? Look on the left hand side for a picture labeled “Session Materials,” and click on it:

Step 3) After a few moments, you should see the below page with links to download most presentations from this year's sessions:

Step 4) What, no labs?

Yeah, I noticed that too.

Seems that unlike RSTechED RATechED Rockwell TechED, RA isn't making the this year's Automation Fair hands-on lab documents available for download.

That said, I still found some really interesting stuff in what is available, and I'll summarize my findings in my next few blogs.

Until then, let me wish you all a very…

Happy Thanksgiving!


Shawn Tierney
Automation Instructor and Blogger

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Shawn Tierney

Shawn began programming as a pre-teen in the early 80's, and later earned a degree in Electronics. He worked for 25 years as Automation Specialist, passionately sharing tech tips via his newsletter, then his BBS, before launching his first website in 1999. In 2013 he relaunched his website as TheAutomationBlog.com, and now teaches full time at TheAutomationSchool.com

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