Allen-Bradley Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) Software

Article Updated November 2017:

Where to download Allen-Bradley (A-B) Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Software:

Drives ToolsDriveTools32 download

The Rockwell Software downloads website, which host's many legacy software downloads, is where the below link to download Drives Tools comes from:

From Rockwell's Compatibility and Download webpage you can now download DriveTools32 2.50 for free.

Drives ExplorerDriveExplorer download

From the Allen-Bradley Drives Explorer page here you can download a free copy of Drive Explorer Full

From Rockwell's Compatibility and Download webpage you can now download DriveExplorer 6.04.99 for free.

In the past Rockwell only offered DriveExplorer Lite for free, but with the release of CCW Rockwell has ended support for DriveExplorer and you can get version 6.04.99 using the below link (after logging into their website with a free account:)

Connected Components WorkbenchConnected Components Workbench (CCW) download

CCW is free programming software for the Micro800 family of programmable controllers, the PanelView Component & 800 HMI, as well as for Allen-Bradley PowerFlex drives.

In fact, its the only VFD software which supports Rockwell's new PowerFlex 523 and 525 (as well as the rest of the PowerFlex line)

And version 6.1 10 has so many new features, I highly recommend upgrading to it it you're running an older version.

As CCW requires a fairly current version of RSLinx and ControlFlash, both are included in this large download.

You can also obtain this software on DVD via an online form here, or from most Rockwell Automation and RA Authorized Distributor offices.

I hope the above links to download free software to program Allen-Bradley drives is helpful. If you have any comments or suggestions please leave them with us by using the “post a comment or question” link below.


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