An Ethernet PLC with a list price under $250?

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MIcro820Ears perk up when I mention Rockwell released an Ethernet PLC with a list price of $249. And surprisingly, many are interested as much for home projects as they are for automating small systems.

There's no doubt about it, this small “Micro820” PLC is, well small. It has only 20 points of I/O built-in (12 DI, 7 DO, 1AO.) And for $249 you don't get the removable terminal blocks shown in the picture. You also don't get a USB port, but with Ethernet built-in it's really not needed (but would be convenient to have.)

What you do get, besides Ethernet, is a serial communications terminal block supporting RS-232 or 485. You also get a Micro SD card slot to store datalogs, recipes, or to use for program transfer.

You also get the ability to use four of the 24vdc digital inputs as 0-10vdc analog inputs, or as 10K thermistor inputs. And you get one dedicated 0-10vdc analog output, as well the ability to add two Micro800 plug in modules.

The unit programs like other Micro800‘s with Rockwell's free “CCW” software, which can be found HERE. And for more details about the Micro820 check out Rockwell's product profile PDF which is available HERE.

I'd love to get one in house to play with. I'd also love to hear what personal project you might tackle if you had one at home? If you have an idea for a “home automation” or “hobby project” you'd tackle with one of these units, please share it with us by filling in the “leave a reply” form at the bottom of this page.

Looking forward to hearing from you! Oh, and have a great Friday!


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The Automation School – Nano Basics – Article Banner

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