Flashing your PanelView Plus 6 firmware using a memory card step-by-step

PanelView Plus 700-1500

Earlier in the week in this blog post we discussed how flashing a PanelView Plus 6 over the network could take hours.

Today we'll take you step-by-step through a quicker way of flashing your PVPlus 6 by doing so using a memory card.

Flashing your PanelView Plus 6 firmware using a memory card or USB flash drive:

ME Firmware Upgrade Wizard Step 1Step 1:

Launch the “ME Firmware Upgrade Wizard found under All Programs, Rockwell Software, FactoryTalk View, Tools:

Step 2:

Choose “create firmware upgrade card,” then choose your detonation folder (typically the drive letter of your memory card or flash drive,) and then choose the model of your PanelView Plus:

ME Firmware Upgrade Wizard Step 2

Step 3:

Now choose the version you wish to upgrade your PanelView Plus to:

ME Firmware Upgrade Wizard Step 3


To obtain PanelView Plus firmware, visit the below Rockwell webpage and search on PanelView Plus (no contract required.)

Step 4:

Select any third party PLC Kepware drivers:

ME Firmware Upgrade Wizard Step 4

Step 5:

If everything looks right on the summary page, press finish and the wizard will copy the correct files to your memory card:

ME Firmware Upgrade Wizard Step 5

Step 6:

The Firmware should be copied to your card, after which you'll be prompted to click on OK:

ME Firmware Upgrade Wizard Step 6

ME Firmware Upgrade Wizard Step 7

ME Firmware Upgrade Wizard Step 8


Before proceeding with the PVPlus firmware upgrade, back up all your .MER files which are currently on the terminal. See this blog post for more information on how to do this.

Step 6:

Insert the memory card (or usb flash drive) into the PanelView Plus terminal and select “Upgrade” from the popup window. After roughly five minutes your PanelView Plus firmware upgrade will be complete and you can now remove your upgrade memory card.

ME Firmware Upgrade Wizard Step 9.2

I hope the above step-by-step instructions on how you upgrade your PanelView Plus firmware using a memory card was helpful.

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3 Blog Comments

  1. Is it feasible to downgrade a firmware version on a PanelView Plus? I currently have an Mer file running on the 6.1, but I want to replace the logic module since it has a flaky communication ethernet port causing communication errors. The module that I have currently in inventory has a firmware revision. What is your recommendation on this?

    • Good afternoon Cesar,

      Yes, as long as the terminal has the old firmware firmware available.

      For instance, I recently downgraded my 5.1 panel to 3.1 using the firmware available for my model on ab.com.

      For a PVPlus 6, I would imagine you could take it all the way back to 6.0, but again check to see which firmware is available for your exact model at ab.com.

      Hope this helps,

      Shawn Tierney

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