FactoryTalk ViewStudio Machine Edition: What comes in the box?

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What actually comes in a package of FactoryTalk ViewStudio Machine Edition? We'll show and explain all the contents in today's blog.

ViewStudio Machine Edition Packaging

ViewStudio, like most Rockwell Software, comes in a plastic “clam shell” style box. On the front is the product name and logo. On the back is the part number, order number, and customer address.


Inside the ViewStudio box

Inside the software package itself, the two most important items are the software installation DVD, and the red envelope. In addition to the installation DVD, labeled 7.00.00-FTView-DVD,  you'll find three other discs:

  • 9701-MEGRDVD: This is the getting results DVD designed for first time users
  • 2.60.00-FTViewPoint-FTV-DVD: This is the ViewPoint DVD you use to install the ViewPoint Adminsitration Tool (see this blog for more information about ViewPoint)
  • 7.00.00-KepSerEnt-CD: This is the Kepware Server CD which contains 60+ OPC servers included free of change with ViewME Runtimes and PanelView Plus terminals. But the version which ships with ViewStudio only runs for 2 hours at a time.

FactoryTalk ViewStudio Machine Edition Software Package ContentsFactoryTalk ViewStudio Machine Edition DVDs

The Red Envelope

This important looking envelope contains the software serial number and product key. You need these two pieces of information to activate your software, which is required for the software to run longer than the 7 day grace period.

If you happen to lose this information, Rockwell's Activation Support (no contract required) can email you a replacement PDF.

FactoryTalk ViewStudio Machine Edition Activation Evelope

Supporting Documentation

Finally, you also receive three pieces of supporting documentation in the software box:

  • Instructions on activating your software
  • Support services information for your software
  • Software registration form (if the information on the box is not correct, be sure to send this form in)

FactoryTalk ViewStudio Machine Edition Support DocumentsFactoryTalk ViewStudio Machine Edition Software Registration form

I hope the above information and pictures about the content included with new packages of FactoryTalk View Studio is helpful. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to leave them below using the “Leave a reply” form at the bottom of this page. You can also contact me directly using the “contact” link in the menu at the top of the page.


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