As I was filming new lessons for my CompactLogix course yesterday, I ran into an issue with version 15.01 of ControlFlash that I'm sure many other programmers have or will run into as well.

Note: If you've never used ControlFlash but need to, I've previously published step-by-step guides to flashing A-B Programmable Controllers over Ethernet (here) and USB (here.) I also have a guide on how to download Allen-Bradley Firmware here.

That said, you may find that when you download firmware files from Rockwell's website that ControlFlash just seems to ignore them.

Why? Well, in today's article I'll cover three reasons this might happen.

First, you need to be sure you copy any downloaded Firmware files into the directories ControlFlash is set to use.

To see which directories your particular ControlFlash installation is monitoring, launch the software, then click on next, and then click on browse:

Second, you need to make sure the files you've downloaded have the “.dmk” extension. If your Firmware files have a “.zip” extension, you'll need to rename them to “.dmk”.

To do so, first check that you have File Explorer set to display “File Name Extensions” (that setting is found under the “View” tab, as shown below.) Then rename your downloaded Firmware file's extension from “.zip” to “.dmk”:

Third, when you select the catalog number of your Controller, you may find that no matter what you do ControlFlash just won't show any version higher than 30.011:

The reason for this issue seems to be that versions after 30.011 are now “bundled” together under a family or controller line.

So in order to access those newer versions, you'll want to select the entire line or family like I do below:

I hope the above article helps those of you who ran into this issue like I did while filming my Compact Basics course.

If you have any questions or comments about this issue, you can post them in our free forum by clicking on the “post a comment or question” link below.


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