Connecting a PanelView Plus to a SLC-500 Channel 0 Serial Port

PanelView Plus 600 FrontWhen looking to upgrade older PanelView 550 or 600 models, it's common to consider the PanelView Plus 600 as a suitable replacement. For starters, most of the new PVPlus models will fit in the older PanelView cutouts. And, Panelbuilder32 programs import into View Studio mostly intact.

Note: For more information about migrating PanelView 550's, see this blog article HERE.

However, with the PanelView Plus 600 being phased out, and replaced with the PanelView Plus 6 600, we lose many of the legacy connectivity options. The new PanelView Plus 6, 600 and 400, with all there new bells and whistles, no longer support optional communications module.

SLC-503-FrontWhen it comes to the SLC-5/03, it's common to find the PanelView 550 or 600 models connected it's channel 1, DH-485 port. To connect a new PanelView Plus 6 600 to the same DH-485 port would now require a 1761-NET-AIC, a PLC cable, a serial cable, and a 24vdc power source to power the AIC. All of this is just to convert the PVPlus 6's RS-232 port to RS-485.

Note: For more information about using DH-485 with thenew PVPlus 6, see this blog article HERE.

However, if your SLC-5/03's channel 0 serial port is unused, it's often much easier just to connect your PanelView Plus 6 600 to it by means of a low cost “off the shelf” serial cable.

To setup RSLinx for this configuration, here's what the steps you'll take:

1) First, open FactoryTalk View Studio, then your project, and then RSLinx Enterprise – Communications Setup


2) Next select the Target tab


3) Now right click on RSLinx Enterprise and select Add Driver


[adning id="214167"]

4) Choose Serial DF1 from the list


5) I recommend leaving all the defaults on the General tab

RSLinx Enterprise Add DF1 Serial Tab 1

Note: I do not recommend using “Auto Configuration.” In my experience, the auto configuration will only run once, and if it doesn't find the PLC in that short period of time it shuts down.

6) On the Link tab, you need to make sure the baud rate, error checking, and other settings match your existing SLC-5/03's channel 0 port.

RSLinx Enterprise Add DF1 Serial Tab 2

Note: To find out what your existing SLC-5/03 channel 0 setting are, open your .RSS program file in RSLogix 500, and then open the Channel Configuration for Channel 0.

7) Right click on your new Serial DF1 driver, and add your SLC-5/03.


7) Finally, click on your shortcut name (add a shortcut first if this is a new project,) click on your SLC-5/03 in the Target tab, and click Apply and OK.


I hope you've found this article about configuring your PanelView Plus to communicate with your SLC-500 via channel 0 and DF1 serial helpful. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or corrections please don't hesitate to leave them by using the “post a comment or question” link below.


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Forum Comments:
  1. hello, I migrated from panel view 550 to panel view plus 6 and everything is ok but I don't know how is the configuration for the communication between panel view and the slc 5/05, the communication is for RS-232.
    Good morning Josue,
    It's pretty easy to setup the PVPlus comms to the SLC-5/05 via Serial.
    First, open up your HMI Tags and find what the "node" name is.
    Then create a shortcut with the same exact name pointing to your SLC-5/05 like I do in this free step-by-step article:
    I also have a series of free videos on this topic here:
    And to learn everything you need to know to maintain, troubleshoot, and program the PVPlus check out my affordable course (link below) in which I cover this subject in great detail:
    Hope this helps,
    Dear There,
    Sir, I have developed an PVP compact application in FTViewME software.
    This application is tested successfully with MicroLogix 1100 PLC (means: I gets response from PLC when I give input from connected development computer).
    But when I run this application (.MER file) from PanelView Plus 400, Micrologix is not responding.
    I am using serial ports of both devices (plc and HMI)for communication between them.
    I am not able to figure out where I am doing mistake.
    Although, I copied design time communication settings to runtime in RSLinx enterprise in my project in FTView software.
    I will be very grateful to your response to it.
    thanking you!
    Good morning vikas,
    Hmm, not a lot of info in your post, so I'm going to guess it's the cable.
    The cable from your View Studio PC Serial Port (DTE) to the PLC Serial Port (DTE) needs to be a Null Modem cable.
    However, the cable from your PanelView Plus Serial Port (DCE) to the PLC Serial Port (DTE) needs to be a Straight through serial cable with 2 wired to 2 and 3 wired to 3.
    For more about DTE and DCE see the below link.
    A simple way to remember is that PLC's and PC's are DTE, and peripherals are almost always DCE.
    That's why going from a PC (DTE) to a Peripheral (DCE) uses a Straight through cable (Pin 2 Transmit to Pin 2 Receive) and why you need to cross the wires (aka null modem cable) to go from PC to PC (or PLC to PC.)
    Best of luck!
    Shawn Tierney,
    Instructor, The Automation School
    Dear Sir, good morning!
    I got where i was doing mistake.
    I was trying to communicate ML 1100 PLC, with the same null modem serial cable, to both development PC and PVP 400 compact terminal.
    I don't have straight through serial cable right now.
    So, I am trying to use ethernet communication right now.
    I want to explain: what i have with me and how i am trying to establish communication.
    I have:
    1) a Micro Logix 1100 PLC (with ip address assigned as
    2) a desktop PC ( with ip address
    3) a panel view plus 400 compact HMI (with IP address assigned as
    4)an ethernet cable.
    Now, my application is tested successfully through development PC via ethernet cable (which is directly connected between PC and PLC).
    After this, I copied this application in HMI. And the ethernet cable is connected between HMI and PLC.
    Now, when I load and run my application HMI shows various errors as follows:
    1.) Timed out reading item b3:0 from micrologix at
    2.) Failed to write'0' in concerned tag.
    This is all about this!
    Now, what maybe the reason of communication failure between HMI and PLC.
    Hey vikas,
    Are you using a standard Ethernet patch cable?
    The nice thing about newer PC's is they support Auto-MDI-X which you can read about using the below link:
    Before new laptops with Auto MDI-X support, we use to have to use a "cross over" or "uplink" cable to direct connect one device to another via Ethernet. But if we had a hub or switch in the middle we could use regular patch cables.
    If you think about it, it's the same thing as I mention above with serial ports where connecting two PCs together requires a cross over cable, aka null modem cable.
    So here's what I think is happening - you're trying to directly connect your PVPlus to your PLC with a patch cable when you really need an uplink cable because.... neither the PLC or the PVPlus support Auto MDI-X.
    But since you have a newer laptop, it does support Auto MDI-X so you can connect directly to both devices without issue.
    You could also use standard Ethernet patch cables and a switch to get all the devices on the same network at the same time.
    Hope this helps!
    Shawn Tierney,
    Instructor, The Automation School
    Dear sir,
    Good morning!
    I'm feeling excited to inform you that I got succeeded in running my application through PVP compact 400.
    Now, my application is correctly communicating to PLC (ML 1100) through PVP via same ethernet cable which I used with development PC and PLC.
    I think the issue was data inactivity between PVP and PLC.
    This is due to the fact that I was getting same errors in HMI when ethernet cable was disconnected.
    Dear sir, thanks again for your kind information and support!

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    • Good morning,

      Here are some common missteps:

      – Did not add Serial DF1 to the Runtime/Target tab
      (if you have a serial port on your laptop you can also add it to the local tab and test on your pc, but delete the local driver when done)
      – Changed Serial DF1 Com Port from 1 to another number
      – Checked “Auto Configure” – don’t check this
      – Did not match Baud rate and other settings to SLC Channel 0
      – Did not “apply” shortcut to target
      – Did not use a straight through cable (don’t use a null modem cable)
      – SLC-500 Serial port not set to DF1 Full Duplex

      Hope this helps!

      Shawn Tierney

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      • We use an RS232 cable in line with a 2nd cable to convert to usb. We do select the Auto-configure but the comms will break down very frequently. We connect directly from the PV600 to the laptop. What can we do to ensure the coms will work every time

        • Good morning,

          I avoid “auto-configure,” but suspect your issue may be your USB converter.

          The “auto-configure” will attempt once to find the serial settings, but I prefer to set them manually to the correct settings both on the PVPlus and on my laptop.

          Are you using the RA 9300-USBS? If yes which series/rev? These usually work without issue, but some old models had issues with dual core processors.

          If not, you may want to try the below low cost USB to Serial alternative:

          Or if your PVP has Ethernet, use it (it’s a lot faster.)

          Hope this helps,

          Shawn Tierney

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    • Good morning,

      From a PLC (or PC) to a Panelview Plus you want a straight through serial cable like the 2711-NC13.

      Hope this helps,

      Shawn Tierney

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  1. Sir,
    i having following hardware
    SLC 5/04,with port configured as DHH-485 and Baud rate= 19200.
    I am using 1761-NET AIC, communication cable between PLC (Channel-2) and Net AIC (Channel-0) is PMO2.
    From 6 pin terminal (Channel-3) of NET AIC i connected another NET AIC,
    From First Net-AIC port 2 Panelview 600 hmi communication is established with PLC on DH-485.
    I tried to establish the communication from another Net-AIC (Port 1/port 2) and Panelview 400 on Rs-232 but failed to do so.
    i dont wanna use RN22c or RN3 module for DH485 communication.
    i just wanted to use Rs-232 port of HMI (PV+ 600)
    Please suggest some solution on this.
    also describe the settings to be done in FTV ME station, Rs-linx enterprise.

    • Good morning Santosh,

      This is a common question – let me ask you these two questions:

      – What is the cable(s) have you tried between the PVPlus 400 db9 serial port and the AIC?
      – What are the driver settings in RSLinx Enterprise for the SLC-5/04 Shortcut


      Shawn Tierney

  2. Good afternoon,

    I have an SLC 5/03 CPU and I can not communicate with it via channel zero. How can I know this channel is configured into the CPU. Is there a soft to do that? I am using RS logix 500.

    • Good afternoon Fernando,

      If you have a copy of the program currently running in the SLC, just open it in RSLogix and open the channel configuration for channel 0 and you’ll see how it’s set.

      You could also go online through channel 1, which only supports DH485, and then open channel config online to see how channel 0 is set.

      However, there is no “snooping” software I know of that will test a SLC-500’s channel zero for all known settings.

      But if it’s set to DF1, RSLinx will try all combinations of settings for the one protocol which usually works when using the right cables.

      And if that fails, I’d DH485 at 19.2K or 9600, but that sometimes requires a different cable (if you’re using USB to serial.)

      If none of that helps, try posting details about how you’re connecting to channel 0 including the specific cables and PC port type (USB or Serial,) the versions of software are you using (RSLinx/RSLoigx,) and what operating system are you using.

      Also if anything was connected to channel 0 before you plugged in your laptop?

      Hope this helps,

      Shawn Tierney

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      • Sir…we have a panel view plus 600 and slc5/03 we try to communication by serial straight cable .but it not working factory talkview is communication with plc…and mer file is also communicating pc to plc but not panelview to plc…i dont no what wrong with it….

        • Good afternoon Niranjan,

          Could be a few things.

          First, just want to be sure the cable you’re using from your PC to PLC is a Null Modem, while PVP to PLC is straight through.

          Second, in RSLinx Enterprise did you copy the Development config to the Runtime config?

          Third, is the runtime config set to match the SLC-5/03 serial port exactly, and Auto Configure turned off?

          To see me walk through and explain this setup watch the below video:


          Shawn Tierney

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  3. Good day, Shawn.

    Yours is the first link found in a search to connect my PVPlus 600 to a SLC5/03. After several frustrating days trying our your tutorial on our equipment, I am asking for clarification.

    Equipment: SLC 5/03 1747-L532 series C, Panelview Plus 600 2711PC-T6C20D8, AIC+.

    I have tried to do either the most basic set-up: just the SLC and the PV connected, as per the links below – SLC port 0 to PV+ DF1 port.

    Factorytalk studio will talk to the PV+ and over ethernet or USB, but not through serial (Rockwell tech suggest I try that, I couldn’t get it to work).

    RS500 and RSLinx will talk fine to the SLC over serial to the SLC port 0.

    But when load the application to the PV+, I get errors such as this:
    Timed out reading N7:1-N7:20 from SLC at station 1 on driver Serial

    I use a crossover cable with Linx to go online with the SLC, and a straight-through cable to connect the SLC and PV+.

    I suspect I have not properly configured the driver in FTStudio. What I have if I call up the PV+ RSLinx Enterprise Config page, is:
    Virtual backplane ; Ethernet 1 ; Serial-DF1 SLC5/03 Processor,1 – DH-485 2

    I bought the AIC+, as the next step will be to have the SLC Port 1 to the AIC+ 485 phoenix port with a homebrew 1761-CBL-AS03, the PV+ connected to the AIC DB9 (with a straight through cable, I believe), and leave the SLC port 0 open for programming. As yet, my luck with that has been to get all LEDs on the AIC lit – not flashing – just lit steady, which is not listed in the AIC+ manual. Yes, the AIC is connected to external power.

    Is it my configuration in Linx Enterprise? I can have 485 or DF1 drivers, but have not seen a write-up and which to use.


    (Shawn, feel free to edit this for length if you do post it and respond)

    • Good afternoon Rob,

      I believe I have just the thing for you – three free videos you can watch (or buy for $1 each) in which I show exactly how to do what you are asking.

      You may wish to start with video 2 (episode 32) at 2:15 where I setup RSLinx Enterprise’s Target Tab for Serial DH485:

      Note that the audio quality isn’t the best, but they are free 🙂

      Please let me know if they help, and if your RSLinx matches mine confirm in video 1 you are using the right cables – as you can see my AIC+ lights blink quite a bit.

      Hope this helps,

      Shawn Tierney

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      • I did watch those three, thank you Shawn.
        Part of the problem was my USB and/or hardware serial port would stop working in Linx (when I was trying to check comms) because Linx Enterprise grabbed them in a service (even though FTStudio was not running. The Station number (for the driver) and the Device Address for the SLC were also not clear at first and had to be sorted.
        One correction – in your image #5, the Device is shown as PLC – I surmise it should be SLC.
        Thank you for the tips – when I get this sorted by adding the AIC+, I’ll send you a coffee for your refillable mug.

        • Good morning Rob,

          NOTE: I’m going to add some extra / repeated details from above to the below reply so anyone else who finds this post will have everything in one place

          Stepping back for a moment, you say you want to connect your PVPlus 6 600 Compact to a SLC5/03, but then you mention you also tried an AIC+.

          If I had a SLC-5/03 and PVPlus 6 600 within 50ft of each other I would connect them using a plain old RS232 connection with a straight through cable, 9 pin to 9pin, and the ***DF1 protocol***

          If I needed to connect the two over 50ft (up to 4000ft) I would then use at least one AIC+ at the PVPlus 6 600 Compact side, and the ***DH485 protocol*** (If channel 1 on the 5/03 wasn’t available you could use channel 0 with a second AIC+, both of which I show in my above DH485 videos.)

          NOTE: I’ve never tried, or have seen the need to use, ***DF1 Full Duplex*** through an AIC+, but ***something*** is telling me that could be problematic, especially when you can simply use DH485.

          NOTE: The down side of DH485 is that you can’t easily test it on your laptop with View Studio and RSLinx Enterprise, which is why in my above videos I setup the PC “local” side using Ethernet.

          So while I gave you links to the DH485 videos, I also have some older videos on the DF1 setup here (the first five are the most relevant:)

          In those videos I also mention why you very likely can’t download to your PVPlus using serial (I avoid serial because it’s so slow) and the likely reason is the serial driver on the PVPlus is not running or was set to auto config or you’re not using a straight through (DTE to DCE) cable.

          And as you already found out, you can’t have two drivers using the same serial port at the same time 🙁

          That’s why before I exit ViewStudio I always delete the driver from the communications tab at the bottom of Studio (not from within RSLinx Enterprise communications setup.)

          ***All that said, here’s my guaranteed procedure to get DF1 working between SLC and PVP***

          – On the PVPlus, using it’s configuration menu, complete the following steps:

          – – Delete the default loading application

          – – Reset the RSlinx communications to default

          – – Reboot the PVPlus

          – – Check to insure that RSLinxE on the PVPlus still has the default setting with DF1 for the serial port.

          – On your PC

          – – Reboot

          – – Insure RSLinx Classic is not running, or if it is ***shut it down and exit*** it

          – – Connect your PC serial port to the serial port of the PVPlus using a 9-9 straight through serial cable (DTE to DCE, 2-2, 3-3, 5-5)

          – – Start View Studio

          – – Create a new test project.

          – – In ViewStudio, open RSLinx Enterprise communication setup “local” tab add a DF1 full duplex driver as shown in this article

          *** Note: Don’t change any settings in step 5 – these are the settings of the PVPlus serial port and always work like this ***

          – – In step 6 and 7, be sure the these settings match your SLC-5/03 serial port

          – – Once the driver is added and starts browsing your PVPlus should show up ***unless*** your Panelview Plus version is newer than your View Studio version – with a PVPlus 6 600 Compact you’ll want v7 or newer as I wrote about here:

          – – At this point unplug the PVPlus from your PC and plug the SLC into your PC using a cross over (DTE to DTE) serial cable, and it now should show up in the RSLinxE browser.

          – – Continue with creating a shortcut to your SLC, and apply it to the SLC

          – – Then press “copy to runtime.”, accept, and finally press OK to save and exit the RSLinxE config

          – – Now on your default main graphic display screen put one numeric display on it to display the value of N7:0 – at this point you should be able to browse to N7:0 (you may have to “refresh all folders” in the tag browser”

          – – Test Play your screen in View Studio and it should work displaying N7:0.

          – – Stop, save and close your screen

          – – Create a runtime file

          – – Now close View Studio

          – – Plug your PC back into the PVPlus using straight through (DTE to DCE) cable

          – – Open Transfer Utility from start menu and browse the serial DF1 driver in it and your PVPlus should reappear

          – – Transfer your mer with the ***replace communications*** check box checked – very important

          – – While the PVPlus is rebooting, plug it into the SLC using the same ***straight through cable (DTE to DCE) cable

          – – NOTE Both your PC and PLC are DTE while the PVPlus is DCE, which his why the same straight through (DTE to DCE) cable is used from PLC or PC to PVPlus, but also why a cross over is needed from PC to PLC, aka DTE to DTE)

          – – Now your PVPlus should show the value of n7:0

          – – Last step, re-open View Studio, and on the bottom of view studio (not RSLinx) click on the communications tab and delete the DF1 driver (you can add it back here when you are ready to browse for more tags, however only one device can use your serial port at a time so RSLinx Classic will have to have its serial driver stopped first)

          I think that’s everything – hope you find this worth a couple of cups of coffee!

          And if you’re still stuck and need me to review your files I would be more than happen to in exchange for a few more cups of coffee 🙂


          Shawn Tierney

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  4. Thanks again for the detail, Shawn. I agree that if I could leave out the AIC+, I would, as the PV+ and SLC are only 12ft apart. The BUT is that we still need a serial port for programming; that is why I bought the AIC: to free up the SLC CH0.

    I can get on-line to the SLC CH1 through the AIC+ with the 1747-PIC/AIC+ Linx driver, on my old Win98 PC with its real serial port, but neither the customer’s PC (Win XP SP3, with its real serial port) nor my newer PC (Win7 64bit, with its real serial port and USB-RS232 port) will load the SLC driver.

    • Good morning Rob,

      Just FYI, I really don’t think you can use the AIC+ with three DF1 Full Duplex devices, as DF1 Full Duplex is point to point only, and only expects two devices connected at any time.

      I actually have found DF1 Full Duplex devices that totally disregard any node address provided as it is only a point to point connection.

      However, Rockwell does (or use to) make a DF1 Full Duplex port splitter, the 1747-DSP1, and it is designed to have an HMI on one port and a programming PC on the other:

      And while DH485 works well with many devices, sadly as you found out with newer Microsoft OS’s and PCs you’ll need a 1747-UIC or equivalent cable to access any DH-485 as the physical PC serial port driver for DH485 doesn’t seem to work with any USB to Serial converters except the UIC.

      Hope this helps,

      Shawn Tierney

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  5. Today’s update: I have the PV+ 600 connected through an AIC+ to the SLC5/03 CH1 DH485.
    All tags read FROM the SLC, but any tag I try to write to the SLC results in “Privilege violation writing ?7:1 to SLC at station 2 on driver Serial-D*” (DH485, I would presume it is cutting off)

    I had the same application in the PV+ communicating both ways over DF1, so it doesn’t indicate any tag problem.

    • Rob,

      Since you had it working with DF1, we can assume the data table is not protected and you are not writing to any non-existent addresses, although my recommendation of using a new project with just N7:0 eliminates many of those types of conditions.

      For a quick test, I recommend setting channel 0 to the same settings as channel 1 (DH485, node address x, baud rate, etc) and then connect the PVP as currently setup (Serial DH485) directly to Channel 0 using the straight through cable.

      If you get the same error then you’ll know it’s not cabling or AIC+, but something in one of the two programs, and I would check the shortcut in the PVP first.

      Best of luck!

      Shawn Tierney

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      • Regarding your “And if you’re still stuck and need me to review your files I would be more than happen to in exchange for a few more cups of coffee :-)”, to where shall I send them, Shawn?

        When I last left this, the PV+ and SLC are happily communicating on DF1, but we cannot get on-line with the SLC without using my old laptop (Win98!), with its real serial port and PIC/AIC+ driver in RSLinx. As you know that driver has disappeared from newer Linx, so my desire is to get the PV+ to go through the AIC+ to the SLC Channel 1, leaving its Channel 0 available.

        You’re going to be peeing your bed from all the coffee I’m going to owe you!

  6. Hi,
    our system compact connect with PV+600
    i have the following error on PV+600
    “CIP connection (0) open rejected (error 2040101) ..”

    already run the application on the laptop.

    • Good morning @reda,

      Sounds like the connection to PLC is not working – have you checked all the cables?

      It’s kind of like when your car won’t start, the easiest solution is to check to see if you have gas.

      It could also be the wrong cable, especially if it works from your PC to PLC, but not PVP to PLC. But then again it could be an addressing issue. Or something else…

      To know what is specifically wrong, just like troubleshooting a car I’ll need a lot more information, like:

      – catalog number of the PLC
      – catalog number of the PV+
      – details on how they are physically connected to each other
      – version of your ViewStudio
      – details about your RSLinx Enterprise Shortcut setting

      Hope this helps,

      Shawn Tierney
      Instructor at

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