In Today’s article I’ll walk you through how to change the Screen Saver Image used on the original PanelView Plus (old models without Windows CE desktop access)

Part 1: Enable the Screen Saver Image on your PanelView Plus

Step 1) From the PanelView Plus Configuration Menu, choose Terminal Settings:

Step 2) Next select Display, and then select Enter:

Step 3) Now select Screen Saver, and then select Enter:

Step 4) Here select Advanced Settings:

Step 5) And now insure that “Screen Saver Image” is set to Enabled. Then exit this screen and the previous one by clicking on “OK” to insure your settings are saved.

Step 6) Now when the Screen Saver time elapses, you’ll see the default A-B screen saver image:

Part 2: Copying your new “custom” Screen Saver Image to the original PanelView Plus

Step 7) Copy your custom 80 pixel by 80 pixel bitmap screen saver image to the root directory of a compatible Compact Flash memory card or USB flash drive, and then rename your bitmap image to ssfloat.bmp

Step 8) Now in the root directory of the same memory device, create a text file named autorun.bat (be sure it’s not named autorun.bat.txt)

Step 9) Next, edit your autorun file and add the following line three lines of text:


COPY “USB Storage\ssfloat.bmp” \windows\ssfloat.bmp


UPDATE 2020) You also need to add the additional line before PAUSE so the Screen Saver Image won’t be replaced upon reboot:

COPY “USB Storage\ssfloat.bmp” \”Storage Card”\windows\ssfloat.bmp

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Step 10) Now insert your memory card or USB drive that contains the above files into your PanelView Plus:

Step 11) After a few moments your autorun.bat file will run and copy your new ssfloat.bmp over the default A-B ssfloat.bmp file on your PanelView Plus:

Step 12) Now when your screen saver turns on, you’ll see your custom image in place of the default A-B Logo:

To watch a video demonstration of the above, check out Episode 40 of The Automation Minute Season 4 below:

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