Learn about air amplification technologies used in blow-off and cooling applications in this episode of The Automation Podcast

For more information, check out the “Show Notes” located below the video.

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The Automation Podcast, Episode 60 Show Notes:

Special thanks to Les Rapchak for taking the time to review the many air amplification technologies used today in automated systems.

Topic List:

    • 02:12 What is Air Amplification
    • 04:53 Compressed air vs blowers
    • 08:12 Replacing crimped pipes/tubes
    • 11:19 Air Nozzles
    • 17:04 Air Jets
    • 21:47 Air Edgers
    • 26:07 Manifold Systems
    • 27:21 Air Amplifiers/Air Movers
    • 39:50 Air Knives
    • 51:25 Air Blade Ionizers
    • 54:45 Ion Blaster Beam
    • 56:24 Ring Blade Air Wipe

To find out more:

Nex Flow Air Products Corp.
Servicing the world with locations in north America, Europe and SE Asia plus agents and distributors around the globe
Website: https://nexflow.com
Les Rapchak, President
Email: lesr “at” nexflow.com

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