How to set the Ethernet/IP address of your new CompactLogix using the USB port

1769-L3, L2, L1If you’re still using BOOT-P to set the IP address of your USB equipped 5370 CompactLogix, today I’ll show you a much easier way.

First, you’ll need a standard USB cable. This is the same type you would use with a USB printer with the familiar flat side which plugs into your PC, the nearly square side which plugs into your 5370 CompactLogix.

RSLinx USB Driver - RSWho finds L24Once you’ve connected you PC to your 5370 CompactLogix using USB, and have powered your CompactLogix on, you will see Windows load the drivers, and then a new USB driver appear in RSLinx automatically.

Note: To use the USB driver in RSLinx Classic you’ll need to have a fairly recent version (no, the 1996 version will not work.) You can get the latest version of RSLinc Classic Lite for free from Rockwell HERE.

RSLinx USB Driver - Right Click on L24 to ConfigureWhen you expand the USB driver in the RSLinx – RSWho, you’ll see your CompactLogix. At this point just right click on it, select Module Configuration, and the Port Configuration tab and you can now change the Ethernet port’s IP address.

Tip: This procedure also works with the new 5570 1756-L7x processors, as well as USB 1756 Ethernet modules like the 1756-EN2T.

RSLinx USB Driver - L24 IP ConfigurationI hope this article on how to change an IP address by going through the USB port is helpful. If you have any comments, questions, or corrections please don’t hesitate to leave them by using the “post a comment or question” link below.

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