The Automation Blog's Guest Blogging Policy

The Automation Blog's

Guest Blogging Policy

The Automation Blog is now open to guest bloggers!

If you'd like to become a guest blogger please read our guest blogging guidelines below, and if you still wish to contribute use the link below to contact us:

The Automation Blog's Guest Blogging Guidelines:

  1. Articles must be on the topic of industrial automation. 😉

  2. Articles should be submitted in a Microsoft Word compatible format.

  3. Articles must be original works not previously published elsewhere.

    • Please do not submit articles already published elsewhere, even if they have been re-worded or paraphrased.
    • If you've written an article elsewhere that you think our readers would like, please let us know and we may share a link to it in one of our own articles.
    • If you would like to share news about new products and product obsolesce, let us know and we may share it depending on the content and our publication schedule.
  4. Articles should provide helpful information to our readers. Examples include:

    • How-to articles on using industrial automation products or product features.
    • How-to work around articles on technical issues using industrial automation products.
    • How you deployed an industrial automation product in a real world application.
  5. Articles should be between 300-900 words.

  6. Articles must contain at least one image of at least 660 pixels wide by 330 pixels high (articles submitted without an image will be discarded.)

  7. Articles must be accompanied by a short “about the author” paragraph which includes an small image of at least 60×60 pixels to be used as the author's avatar. Company logos may be used in place of an author picture or avatar.

  8. A link to your website, company website, or social media profile can also be included in your “About the Author” paragraph.

Guest Blog Approval Process:

  • All guest blog submissions are reviewed by The Automation Blog's editors for approval, after which they may contact you about edits prior to passing your article on to be scheduled.

  • If approved by our editors, the scheduling of your article will be handled by our publisher who will attempt to give you as much notice as possible as to when your article will appear.

  • Finally, guest bloggers who have their articles published are encouraged to monitor and answer any reader questions posted in response to their article.

Guest Blog Information Form:

Still Interested?

If you are please use the below form to tell us about the guest blog post you'd like to submit:

*Please note that all “off topic” questions (i.e. tech support, advertising, training, etc) submitted using the above form will be discarded. To contact us about those other topics please visit


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