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The Automation Morning Show livestream is a fresh, independent look at what’s new and happening in Industrial Automation, and is livestreamed most weekdays to LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. On the show we cover what’s new from over 100 automation vendors, as well as chat with the audience who join the livestream.

Segments of the show include covering vendor press releases, product announcements, blogs, case studies, upcoming events, new downloads, publications, and more.

And after each show we publish links to every vendor announcement on our news aggregate site, Automate.News. The show is also released on podcasting services including iTunes, Google, Spotify, Amazon Music, iHeart, Tune-In, Podcast Index and more, and on video hosting services including YouTube.

Watch the daily show from February 1st, 2023 below:

Listen to the daily show from February 1st, 2023 below:

To effective product the show each week requires at least two show sponsors. In appreciation for their sponsorship, each sponsor receives the following benefits:

Weely News Sponsor:

1) At the beginning and end of each show we’ll thank your company for sponsoring the daily news, and display a webpage of the vendor’s choice*

2) We’ll also include a link to your “sponsor message” or “call to action” in the show’s description text*

Bonus) A banner ad of 728×90 pixels of the vendors choice will run in the Top Banner Ad Space on our news website, Automate.News, as well as on The Automation Blog for the week of your sponsorship*. The estimated impressions of these ads spot for a typical week is ~15,000 impressions.

Product Link: AMS-WSS (please contact us prior to purchasing)

Note: Prices will vary over time, so check back prior to planning your budget

* To display the vendor’s webpage of choice (1,) include a link in the description (2) and display a banner ad (bonus) the vendor will need to provide those three items/links to use 1 week prior to their sponsorship.

Weekly Product Spotlight:

This sponsorship choice will put your product in our daily Product Spotlight segment. As an optional bonus, your product will also be featured in the middle-right skyscraper ad (Ad Spot B) on the Automate.News website.

To purchase this sponsorship, you’ll first need to provide us with a link to the product you wish us to spotlight, as well as any highlights you wish to be mentioned. We also need a 300×600 ad image and desired click through link if you wish to take advantage of the bonus ad spot.

Product Link: AMS-WPS (please contact us prior to purchasing

Note: Prices will vary over time, so check back prior to planning your budget

Sponsorship Details


Please note that we only accept sponsors that represent industrial automation related products, services, or organizations that don’t directly compete with Insights In Automation’s News and Training businesses.

Payment Details:

When sponsoring any of our content, payment in full is required two weeks prior to the release of the sponsored content.

If paying by PO, the sponsorship can be scheduled as soon as two weeks after your company’s payment terms. For example, if your company’s payment terms are 60 days, we can schedule the release of the content as early as 74 days from receipt of your PO and acceptance of our invoice.

Sponsorship Contact Form

Please us the below form to get in touch with us about sponsoring Automation  This Morning and the Automation Morning Show:

*Please note that all “off topic” questions (i.e. tech support, solicitation, etc) submitted using the above form will be discarded.

To contact us about other topics please visit

Note: Insights in Automation retains all “editorial rights” to the production of the Automation Morning Show, and does not accept ads or sponsorships on topics not related specifically to industrial automation products, technologies, services, or organizations.