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Automation Tech Talk – Company and Corporate Sponsor: Five Links, Choose Week, Ad Free


Sponsorship Level

Company and Corporate Show Sponsor – TT-SP


$399/ep. $199/ep. – Introductory 2024 pricing


Companies who wish to get their products in front of our audience can do so by sponsoring an episode to help offset our production costs, which includes the time to organize, stream and distribute the episode on the vendor’s product. In return for their sponsorship, sponsors receive these benefits:

A) Choice of livestream week** (first come, first serve.)

B) Up to five hyperlinks of their choice to be included in the show description

C) Episode streamed “Ad Free.”

*Sponsors are encouraged a link to their appearance across social media and on their website. They may also use up to three excerpts of up to sixty seconds anywhere in their marketing campaigns.

** Refer to our current editorial calendar for more information on which days of the week this show is streamed.