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The Automation Minute is in its fifth season with well over 200 episodes published over the last several years.

Published on, YouTube, Rumble, and potentially other video sites, The Automation Minute is the internet’s premiere industrial automation unboxing, quick tip, and first look series.


Check out Episode 7 of Season 5 below, or all the episodes here:


Listed below are four different ways you can sponsor our show:

Sample Sponsor 1:

Have a product you’d like us to unbox and demo to our audience? If you do, contact us to see if our schedules align. The only cost at this level is a sample of the product you want us to demo.

Cost: Sample of you product

UPDATE – Due to the overwhelming response from vendors, we've had to temporarily suspend accepting samples at this level. If you'd like us to cover you product please choose one of the paid levels below:

Sample Sponsor 2:

Help offset some of the costs to produce an episode on your sample product and receive the following benefits:

A) Up to five links included in the show’s description
B) Choose the week of release (first come, first serve)

Product Link: TAM-SA2 (please contact us prior to purchasing)

Sample Sponsor 3:

Help offset even more of the production costs to produce an episode on your sample product to receive these benefits:

A) Up to five links included in the show’s description
B) Choose the week of release (first come, first serve)
C) Episode will be “ad free” for twelve months

Product Link: TAM-SA3 (please contact us prior to purchasing)

Show Sponsor:

More interested in sponsoring our show in general? If so, you will receive these benefits:

1) We’ll voice a 15 second “call to action” pre-show or mid-show
2) We’ll include your link in our show description

Product Link: TAM-SHS (please contact us prior to purchasing)

Sponsorship Details


Please note that we only accept sponsors that represent industrial automation products or services.

Sample Sponsors:

Please Contact Us prior to sending in samples to be sure our schedules align.

Show Sponsors:

Please Contact Us with your proposed “call to action” text as well as the preferred timing of your sponsorship.

Payment Details:

When sponsoring any of our shows, payment in full is required two weeks prior to the scheduled recording of, and subsequence release of the sponsored episode.

If paying by PO, the episode can be scheduled as soon as two weeks after your company's payment terms. For example, if your company's payment terms are 60 days, we can schedule the release of the episode as early as 74 days from receipt of your PO and acceptance of our invoice.

Sponsorship Contact Form

Please us the below form to get in touch with us about sponsoring The Automation Minute:

*Please note that all “off topic” questions (i.e. tech support, solicitation, etc) submitted using the above form will be discarded.

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