With its recent introduction of its CPX-AP-A DIO solution, coupled with its established CPX-AP-I decentralized I/O (see TAD006 for demo on how to use it in Studio 5000,) Festo now offers one of the broadest ranges of electric and pneumatic automation solutions in the world.

Now if you were wondering what the “AP” stands, it represents Festo’s Automation Platform  of products, and Festo states that this backplane-based distributed I/O system has been in development for a decade.

Quoting Tim Sharkey, Director of Electric Automation, in the company’s recent press release, “The Festo AP backplane communications platform that provides a central communication and data transfer I/O interface, is a combination of everything that we’ve learned over the past 25 years of doing electric and pneumatic linear automation solutions.”

For a summary of this article and our reflections, see the below video clip. You can also read the original article via this link: https://press.festo.com/en-US/technologies-and-products-1/festo-electric-and-pneumatic-motion-reaches-a-pinnacle-in-north-america-1

Automation Morning Show News Clip:

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