For many years globalization and outsourcing had taken its toll on American Manufacturing, as corporations focused on profits to the determent of their customers.

But in more recent years the trend of reshoring and the Manufacture Local movement has given a boost to manufacturing in America, however their is still a skilled worker shortage that’s compounded by the industry’s aging (and retiring) workforce.

To attract a younger generation of employees, companies new to adopt the new technologies most of those entering the workforce have never been without. Just like most Baby Boomers had no desire to spend their working lives on farming the family’s land, so to most or GenZ don’t want to give up their touchscreens to pickup their grandfathers clipboard or programming terminal, and that’s where adopting modern products like git based source control comes in, according to today’s article from Copia.

See the below video clip for our thoughts and reflections, and for more product details visit the following link:

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