In this article I would like to show you how to configure an Ethernet port on Modicon M340 PLC and assign an IP address.

Before we begin, following is the list of items you need

  • PC with EcoStruxure Control Expert Small Software installed
  • Schneider Electric Modicon BMXP342020 PLC
  • Schneider Electric Programming Cable TCSXCNAMUM3P

Before we look into the configuration of Ethernet Port, let us take a look at Modicon M340 PLC.

M340 PLC

Modicon M340 is one of the Programmable Automation controllers (PAC) that Schneider Electric offers. It is built as all in one controller approach and can cater to wide range of demanding automation applications.

It comes built in with USB port for programming and HMI (Human Machine Interface) and two additional ports as required: Ethernet, Modbus, CANOpen.

EcoStruxure Control Expert software is used for programming and commissioning of this controller.

Step by Step Procedure to Ethernet Settings

Step 0

Create a new project in EcoStruxure Control Expert Small or Extra Large. Select the processor BMXP342020 under Modicon M340 and rack BMXXBP0400.

Image by Farhan Michael

Click OK and a new project will be created.

Image by Farhan Michael

Save your project and give it a name.

Image by Farhan Michael

Step 1

In Project Browser, navigate to Communication and click on (+) to expand the sub-menu. Right click on Networks and select New Network.

Image by Farhan Michael

Add Network window will open.

Image by Farhan Michael

Select Ethernet from the drop-down menu and Ethernet_1 will be selected by default as network name.

Image by Farhan Michael

Do not forget to save your project.

Step 2

Double click on newly created network Ethernet_1. Ethernet settings window will open.

Image by Farhan Michael

This is where you will assign an IP address to your controller. From the drop-down menu, select the Model Family as shown below.

Image by Farhan Michael

Select Yes to confirm the change of Model Family.

Select the IP Configuration tab and assign IP Address and Subnet Mask as shown in the picture.

Image by Farhan Michael

Validate your settings by clicking Validate icon on menu bar.

Image by Farhan Michael

Step 3

In Project Browser, under Configuration double click PLC Bus

Image by Farhan Michael

PLC Bus window will open.

Image by Farhan Michael

Double Click the Ethernet Port on CPU (Slot 0).

Select ETH TCP IP as the function and Ethernet_1 as the Net Link.

Image by Farhan Michael

Validate your settings and close the window.

Save your project.

Step 4

From menu bar, select Build and choose Analyze Project to compile your project.

Image by Farhan Michael

The project should build with no errors.

Congratulations! You have successfully configured Ethernet port on Modicon M340 PLC and have assigned an IP address to the PLC.

Written by Farhan Michael
Automation Specialist, Training, and Freelance Writer

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