Top Two RSLogix 5, 500, Micro Tips

When you’ve been using a software package since version 1.0, you’re likely to pick up some tips along the way.

And when you’ve spent twenty years helping others learn to use that software, you also learn which features are obvious and which are not.

With that in mind, in today’s article I’ll share my top two RSLogix 5, 500, and Micro tips.

Tip One:

The first tip relates to sizing the main windows: The project explorer and program file viewer.

Most new users get frustrated with how easy it is to accidentally mess up the sizing of these two windows, with the easiest way being not maximizing RSLogix before opening your program.

Top Two RSLogix Tips-S2-E39-TAB-01

The worse part is, most users don’t know there’s a menu item dedicated to quickly restoring each window’s proportions.

To use it, select Arrange from the Window menu:

Top Two RSLogix Tips-S2-E39-TAB-02

Then insure “Default Project” is selected, and click on “OK”:

Top Two RSLogix Tips-S2-E39-TAB-03

Now your RSLogix windows will appear back in their default positions:


Tip Two:

The second tip has to do with PLC communications.

When new users want to go online, upload, or download, many attempt to use the Online Toolbar as it is prominately displayed at the top left of RSLogix.

Top Two RSLogix Tips-S2-E39-TAB-11

However, if the driver and node selection is not correct (completely empty in new projects,) then the user will get an error message that many don’t find very enlightening:

Top Two RSLogix Tips-S2-E39-TAB-12

To eliminate this frustration and confusion, I teach new users to always use “Comms – System Comms” menu:

Top Two RSLogix Tips-S2-E39-TAB-13

By doing so, the user is presented with an RSWho that displays which drivers he has configured in RSLinx, allowing him to visually browse for his PLC to either go online, upload, or download:

Top Two RSLogix Tips-S2-E39-TAB-14

Now those aren’t the only two tips I’ve learned over the years. I’ve actually filled my four plus hour course, PLC Basics, with them.

To find out more about my course which covers RSLogix, RSLinx, and RS Emulate software, as well as the MicroLogix 1000 and 1100 hardware, check out the course webpage at PLC Basics Second Edition

And to see a free video of the above tips, check out the below episode of The Automation Minute:

Until next time, Peace ✌️ 

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